Listening to the Water – by Heidi Burrowes

Published By on September 4th, 2010 in Circle Stories From The Heart

In June 2010, I began what would turn out to be a 13 day, 189 km walk of the Maitland River. The Maitland is my home river, and for months I had been planning this walk.

During the planning of this walk, I had been dreaming about a sacred container that I could carry water from the Maitland around in, so that I had some of the beautiful water with me from the beginning of the walk to the end. This container would be a glass jar,and I was planning on creating a beautiful knitted piece to hold this glass jar. The jar would be connected to my backpack, or to my clothing somehow.

Well, time went by, and I realized that while I had been making other preparations, I had not had time to create this knitted piece, or to find a proper jar to hold this lovely water in. So, I quickly created a piece, that was nothing like what I had hoped it would look like, and I found a jar, that didn’t look anything like what I had hoped it would look like.

When June 13th, the first morning of the walk came about, I saddled myself up with all my travelling goodies, including this jar of water that I brought from my home, and along with my friend, Marie, we began walking the Maitland River. For the first 5 days, I carried this bottle with me, though I could not figure out why this just did not seem right. Somehow, the jar just wasn’t fitting in with this walk the way that I had thought it should.

I tried different things with the jar, placing it differently in where it was being carried,or adding sacred items that I found along the way, but nothing seemed to change the feeling that something was not working well with this jar of water. So, finally, I decided to ask. It may seem a little behind schedule, but I hadn’t journeyed on this particular aspect of the walk yet, and thought that perhaps, it was time. One of my helping spirits is quite a joker, and during this journey he quite happily asked, “Do you not realize that you have been carrying sacred water for a very longtime?”

I asked what he meant, and he told me that my body was the sacred water container,and that there had been no need to create a container outside of myself. I was carrying the sacred water from the beginning, and before, to the end and beyond. I laughed as I realized how simple this idea is. I drink from the Maitland River, so my body carries the Maitland River. I am the Maitland River. If I love, and am thankful for the water that is in my body, then the water that goes out to the Maitland river is loved water.

During my walk, when I met up with people, I would ask them to imagine that their water had a voice, and could speak. Then, I asked them what they think that their water would say.Now, I ask you to close your eyes, and to connect with the sacred water that you carry around that is your body. If your water had a voice and could speak, what do you think it would say?

Heidi Burrowes is a graduate of the 2 year Advanced Shamanism program. Check out Heidi’s blog:

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