Peruvian Shamans Ontario Tour September 16-19, 2010

Published By on September 4th, 2010 in Circle Stories From The Heart

Don Martin Pinedo Acuna (El Condor, the Condor Shaman) and Marco Nunez Zamolloa (Shaman and Teacher) bring us the wisdom teachings and medicine ways of the Andes of Peru. Don Martin and Marco share their vision, wisdom, and energy with us during a full program of workshops and healing sessions at Northern Edge Algonquin and at healing sessions in Toronto.

We are honoured to have these great healers with us in the North to share their ways of the South. They come to us in fulfillment of the Inca prophecies that speak of the time when the Condor (South) once again shares the sky with the Eagle (North). This is a powerful time of growth and transformation for all who share the Earth and is a time long awaited by all who have knowledge of the ancient prophecies.

Join us for this incredible opportunity and bring the Inca wisdom teachings into your life to deepen your spiritual journey. Come hear the sacred message of the Condor to the Eagle.

We are invited by these acclaimed shamans to re-connect our hearts and spirits and our great Mother Earth through sacred ceremony, wisdom teachings, and journeys that have been known for millennia by the Inca of Peru.

Enveloped by ayni (perfect reciprocity) and munay (right love), the guiding principles of the Inca, we will re-connect to our true centre; our hearts. As we come into ayni, munay and balance, we walk the Earth in greater beauty, love and joy than we ever thought possible. We do this to heal not only ourselves, but to create space for a new Earth, new Humanity and new Paradigm to take hold.

Be present to fulfill the ancient prophecies — come into ayni, engage the world through munay, and balance Yanatin-Masintin (the univeral energy forces that reside in us and all energy of the universe).

Come experience the prophesized flight of the Condor and the Eagle for yourself! Learn more about Peruvian Shamans at the Edge

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