What is a Marriage Vacation?

marriage vacation with my best friendI think most folks are familiar with the idea of a second honeymoon. It conjures up visions of exotic places and activities to rekindle romance – sans kids. But what is a Marriage Vacation?

Earlier this week I made a status update to Facebook and Twitter where I referred to Martha as a great friend. Our video intern thought this sounded strange. “Aren’t you married?”
Of course we’re married, and we’re best friends. The two aren’t mutually exclusive are they?

If you can’t call your spouse our best friend it might be time for a Marriage Vacation.

In some marriages friendship might be lost between the stresses of getting everyone out the door in the morning, cooking and cleaning, dealing the day-to-day living and even getting lost in smart phones, tablets, and other technology. It’s not your relationship that is at fault, it might just be your lifestyle keeping you from enjoying the company of one another as much as you would like to.

A marriage vacation is an opportunity to rekindle the greatest friendship in your life. To step out of the ordinary – perhaps a fair distance short of extraordinary for a weekend getaway with your spouse.

The recipe:

Three or four days away, perhaps on a train so you can spend the travel time looking into one another’s eyes, enjoying meals and activities with other adults might be just what your need to rediscover your best friend – a marriage vacation.

Your comments.

  1. Amanda Creighton says:


    I totally agree with marriage vacations!! I am a strong supporter of getting away from the ordinary hussle to find stronger memories to share together as a couple. Friendship is the connection that creates the interest for a healthy marriage to occur, so why not nurture this?

    I’m going on a 3 day 2 night marriage vacation with 3-4 other couples next weekend. We are canoeing, and tenting it!! I hope we always find time to get away together in nature with friends (at least once a year). Sometimes it seems that many vacations are planned around other peoples itinerary’s… years go by and I have realized we have not taken time for ourselves!!

    Cheers to Marriage Vacations, and recognizing your spouse first as your best friend, and nuturing this!!!

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