Medicine for the Earth Shamanism Newsletter December 2010

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Medicine for the Earth: Solstice Greetings 2010


Gifts from the Spirit of Winter

Greetings from Shamanism Canada

As the winter winds blows in a new season, crystallized beauty dances in the air blanketing the Earth for the winter slumber.

On cold winter nights we layer ourselves for warmth just as we winterize our gardens and homes while tucking away all that is precious.

Like Bear we hibernate in our cozy dens and emerge in the spring having shed many layers, with a tremendous hunger to re-discover our forests.

As the Spirit of Winter unveils her gifts and beauty we are invited to travel within our many layers to the light that warms us while discovering our hearts song and the light it brings.

May the Spirit of Winter bring warmth to our hearts, families and communities as we prepare for the return of the light.

Online Presentation & Book Signing December 16, 7pm

Tim Yearington’s Online Medicine Wheel Teaching will be presented at the Blue Canoe on December 16, 7pm – 8:30pm.

Enjoy an enlightening evening with Tim Yearington as he shares the basic teachings of the Medicine Wheel Way. Discover the nature and spirit of the Four Directions on a visual quest to the sacred location of the Pine Tree of Peace.

Copies of Tim’s book THAT NATIVE THING available. For more information about Tim Yearington and the book he has written visit his web site.


Another bridge built between the Eagle and the Condor

Jan Beaver, a member of the Ishbaming Dungibah, 5th Advanced Shamanism circle shares her experience with the The Kogi on their Ontario Tour, from South America. As a talented writer, reading her story brings us into a journey to meet the Kogi people and be present at the Petroglyphs to receive the wisdom from our ancestors.
We invite you to become a free member of our online circle to read the full story of a new chapter of the Condor & Eagle uniting.


Winter Programs for 2011

Eat, Pray, Love: Partner’s Yoga
February 11-13, 2010
$899/ couple (Includes 3 days, 2 nights, accommodations, meals, yoga classes, snow shoeing and x-country skiing).

Yoga and the Zen of Winter
March 4-6, 2011
$450/person (Includes 3 days, 2 nights, accommodations, meals, yoga classes, snow shoeing and x-country skiing)

*NEW* Custom Log Cabin Getaways
We’re looking forward to hosting your group of 4-12 for a memorable winter getaway at the Humble Hearth, our century-old log cabin.

You’ll get Gregor and his amazing meals and even more amazing stories and the cabin all to your group. Choose a wintery theme and we’ll deliver the memories:

* NATURE: outdoor adventure: snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating, kicksledding, dogsledding (all equipment provided)
* NURTURE: dream time for wellness and comfort with yoga, reflexology, dream time experiences


Gift Certificates Available

Give someone you love an experience that will be remembered forever. We help people rediscover, feel empowered with community and feel closely connected to the Earth. With home cooked meals, and a healthy daily routine, this is truly a gift from the heart!
Call or email Amanda for a gift certificate to be emailed to become a Stocking Stuffer!!
[email protected]


Edge Community Network – Cycber Circle – Free Membership

The Edge Community Network is a place to connect with other like minded people, share stories and events related to Edgy stuff. We are about to upload Wendy Martin’s first online yoga class, and we hope to have regular classes available online to help people stay connected. Tim Yearington’s presentation as mentioned above will be available as an archived file, and more exciting presentations will be presented through this site.

Sign up, it’s FREE… stay connected!

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