Plan a Summer Holiday at Algonquin Park that meets everyone’s needs

Published By on April 26th, 2011 in Edge Insider

Ever plan a summer vacation with your kids without having your kids on THE vacation?

I know, it sounds really strange when you  are talking about having an adventure in Algonquin Park without the kids, but in Canada’s hockey crazy world our region presents a unique opportunity to share time in Algonquin Park while the kids are enjoying elite level hockey instruction at Hockey Opportunity Camp.

Northern Edge Algonquin and Hockey Opportunity Camp have partnered to offer the ideal Northern Ontario Summer Family Vacation that is customized to the specific needs of different members of the family.

Both Northern Edge Algonquin and Hockey Opportunity Camp (HOC) have been providing their customers with unique Northern Ontario experiences for many years. The only difference is that each experience meets the needs of two very different clients. Hockey Opportunity Camp offers camp programs for male and female campers from age 7-16 and Northern Edge Algonquin offers Algonquin Park Explorer’s Package holidays and rejuvenating Algonquin Park retreats with cozy Algonquin Park cabin accommodations designed for single adults, couples and friends.

HOC Camp Director Kevin McLaughlin explains that ”after seeing the beauty of Northern Ontario and hearing the positive experiences from their kids, we have received many requests from our parents to develop an adult camp, but are not equipped to do so. That is why we look forward to offering our parents a taste of the same nature experience at Algonquin Park with programs and amenities that suit their needs much better with Northern Edge Algonquin.”

Co-founder of Northern Edge Algonquin Todd Lucier says, “A lot of parents we meet tell us that a visit to the Edge has been on their bucket list for years, but because of family commitments in the summer they haven’t been able to visit. With such a great option available for their kids to have a great camp experience, it only made sense to tailor our offerings to mesh with one another.”

The family vacation can look something like this….
After dropping the kids off at camp on Sunday for a week, parents can take a scenic 30 minute drive along the “old Almaguin Railway” to Algonquin Park to start their own three, four or seven day outdoor retreat or adventure experience.

While at camp, kids can look forward to participating in one of three main programs, picking the option that best suits the camp experience they want.

Parents pick the holiday that fits in with their adventure preference. Equally diverse options for parents include;

With such great opportunities for each family member to get the summer holiday they crave, the only question that needs answering is, “Who will have the best stories to share when it’s time to head home?”

For more information on each of the programs listed above or to book your ideal summer family vacation, visit or