Explorers’ Cabin Packages are a Canadian Signature Experience

Published By on June 12th, 2012 in Edge Insider

Did you know that Northern Edge Algonquin’s Explorers’ Cabin packages are recognized as some of the best in Ontario? ┬áThat’s right, we were among a handful of Ontario Tourism experience providers who have been recognized as an Ontario Signature Experience.
Northern Edge Algonquin experience was first selected by the Canadian Tourism Commission (now known as Destination Canada) as a premier, not-to-be-missed Canadian tourism experience, a Canadian Signature Experience.

Experiences like ours are used by Ontario and Canada to capture the attention and imagination of travellers from around the world.

Chosen to the collection means our experience has been reviewed and identified as being an authentic, genuine, representation of Canada’s nature, people and culture. CSE collection experiences engage the senses by immersing visitors in nature and offering a unique opportunity to experience and learn about our Canadian culture, history, and cuisine.