The Edge, a Social Enterprise based on An Inconvenient Truth

Published By on December 9th, 2012 in Edge Insider

April 4-6, 2008, Todd Lucier, co-founder of Northern Edge Algonquin spent the weekend in Montreal with over 200 others to learn and be inspired by Al Gore to step into his shoes and deliver the powerful slide presentation An Inconvenient Truth to Canadian audiences.

Inspired about sustainability? Visit the Edge on a Leadership Retreat to start a project and include a presentation based on Climate Project Canada.  The folks at Northern Edge Algonquin are currently developing new Algonquin Park Leadership Summit and experiential education events for youth that focus on meeting the climate change challenge and other social enterprise needs with both local and global perspectives head-on.

How did an Algonquin Park lodge owner get involved in the Climate Project Canada?
Like many people he was inspired and moved by watching the Academy Award Winning Video documentary featuring Al Gore. “At the end of the video a Web site was shown on screen for those interested in the next step! I visited the Climate Project Web site where interested persons could request to be trained by Al Gore to deliver the slide show,” said Lucier.

“After watching the video, I spent weeks pacing the office and repeatedly going online to try to get into upcoming trainings, but Canadians were not being accepted. I saw Al Gore in person in Toronto last March and was moved to tears, realizing that it was up to us all to leave this world in a better condition than we found it . . . for the children of our children. Hasn’t every generation taken this challenge on for their children?”

At Northern Edge Algonquin, there are a number of green facility design elements, including the 22 solar panels that power the facility, an earth roof, recycled boardwalks, local and organic foods and of course a lush forest all around. At Northern Edge Algonquin, at Canada’s Algonquin Park they have been hosting guests for over a decade. The Edge commitment to sustainable, responsible tourism has always made healing the earth a priority.

“Thankfully, the time came to meet with Mr. Gore, and other inspiring presenters in Montreal to be initiated into the Climate Project family. I’m excited to be offering this training as a volunteer presenter.” It’s an inspiring presentation that will raise your awareness and understanding of the problem, and inspire you to take action . . . one small act at a time.