The Circle Way Newsletter: Story of the New Song of Creation

Published By on March 21st, 2013 in Edge Insider

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The Story of the New Song of Creation

By: Martha Lucier and Jan Beaver

Last spring, we heard a call from Whale to come to the sacred Island of Maui, where north pacific humpback whales come every year to give birth and mate. Every year more and more whales are making the journey here, and the entire population has grown from 8000 to 22000, according to the Pacific Whale Foundation. Researchers have discovered that there is a song the whales sing, and when all the north pacific whales have learned the song, they begin singing a new song.

According to the oral history of the ancient Polynesian people, the whales are guardians who brought souls as seeds of light from the stars to the earth, millions of years ago.

The guardians knew the purpose of our destiny was to do 2 things:
1. To enjoy ourselves, to grow, to increase and become more than we were, living in the beauty of this planet.
2. To Remember who we really are through the experience of our love for one another.

Hawaii is the remains of the first continent on Earth, (Mu), and holds the resonance of the whale song, the secret of who we are. It is as though the land is imprinted with the original memory of our destiny, and the Hawaiian people are reflecting that in their way of life, which is called Aloha.

While observing the whales breaching, information was transmitted to us through balls of light and we came to an understanding that the song they were singing was to help the humans remember who they are so they could evolve.

Whale Song

Since our visit to Hawaii last year, we have been journeying while listening to the whale song.  We noticed the whales were singing a new song of creation, inviting those who have the hearts and ears and to hear to join in singing the new earth into being. The vibration of this song reverberates through the life waters of our Ocean Mother, and through the sacred waters that flow within us.  We knew it was time to return to Hawaii, as there was much more to be done.

As we hear this new song, we are invited to sing it back to the whales, and Mother Earth.  On the spring equinox, March 20th, we will be singing this new song of creation, into the largest portal on Earth, a crater at Haleakala, a dormant volcano on the island of Maui.  As we sing this song, into the crater, to the heart of Earth Mother it reverberates to all living beings, awakening the memory of our purpose, and the way of Aloha.  As we awaken the memory of who we are, we engage our creator self to join in singing the new song of creation, and a new earth into being.


Spring Equinox


The Spring Equinox is a powerful time of the year inviting new life, new understanding and new growth. As we prepare to transition from the darkness and stillness of winter into the light and movement of spring, we hear the call to enter into clear and focussed awareness of the seeds we are planting.

We invite you to join us in ceremony on March 20th, to sing back the new song of creation to the heart of our Earth Mother. Wherever you are called to be, with whomever you feel called to be in ceremony with, and however you feel called to sing the new song of creation, may we be united in the collective love and support of our circle as we bring our most compassionate intentions forward.

We invite you to journey on the following questions:

  • What is the new song of creation helping me remember about who I am, and, about who we are as a collective?
  • How is the new song of creation inviting me to evolve, and, what is the first action step I need to take to evolve?
  • What is my role/purpose?
  • How can I expand my experience of love, with myself and with others?