The Circle Way Newsletter: April 10, 2013

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Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies


Plant Spiral by Ginny Gaura

The Way of the Circle is the Spiral Labyrinth
Connecting the cycles and flowing with Spirit,
Birthing and nourishing a dream for our world
Where all our relations and all of the pieces
Are accepted and supported with heart and with love.

Dalva listening to deer spirit

Canada Welcomes Dalva Lamminmäki

Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies has answered the call to build a light bridge between Finland and Canada, reuniting ancient wisdom carried within our bones. Our world has the great opportunity to benefit from Finnish traditions to deepen our relationship with nature. We look forward to welcoming Dalva Lamminmäki to Canada. Dalva is a healer and teacher in the tradition of Finno-Ugric shamanism. She has been recognized as having an extraordinary personal gift in shamanic healing by the founders of the Center for Finno-Ugric Shamanism, Susanna Aarnio and Johannes Setälä.

LINK: Dalva’s schedule on her visit to Canada from April 13-May 5, 2013

LINK: January newsletter about our connection to Finnish Shamanism

Shamanism Canada

Listen To The Deep Shamanic Wisdom Of The Finns

Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies recently hosted a public conference call with Finno-Ugric Shamanic practitioners and teachers, Dalva Lamminmaki and Susanna Aarnio.
LINK: Listen to the call recording


Upcoming In CCSS

We enter into Spring season with gratitude in our hearts as we near full circle completion of the current shamanism training programs, The Way of the Circle Program, and the 7th Two Year Advanced Shamanism Program: The Rock Star Seeds.

These two programs have been integral in helping guide the growth of all future CCSS programs. The past year has been one of great change as we have been answering the call to evolve all of our program delivery through the rebuilding and strengthening of our centre’s foundation in the ways of the circle.

We look forward to sharing these evolved CCSS program offerings with you in our upcoming newsletters!

If you have any questions, please contact CCSS Coordinator, Gwenith Kikkawa, at 888-383-8320 ext.4, or, [email protected]

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