The Circle Way Newsletter: Summer 2013

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New Foundation & Trainings!

Over the past year, as a large collective wave has been awakening people to the creator within, CCSS has also been re-awakening to the power of our infinite potential by evolving and expanding the foundation of our centre and programs.

CCSS has collectively identified the Sacred Truths that make up our new foundation. There are 8 cornerstones of our new foundation, with 3 keystones, encircling Spirit, at the centre of this foundation.

8 Cornerstones:

Intention, Simplicity, Co-creation, Openness, Abundance, Balance, Freedom, & Action

3 Keystones:

Love, Unity, & Peace

The refined CCSS intention (formerly called “mission statement”):

Nourishing our connection to Spirit, honouring our ancient wisdom, creating love, unity and peace with all our relations.

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The Way of the Circle & The Spiral Path of Learning

Introductory shamanism learning experiences in theWay of the Circle are now offered each season at CCSS in a new multi-year program structure calledThe Spiral Path of Learning. The cycles of the seasons invite us to explore many different ways to align with the rhythms of nature.

In the Way of the Circle we embody unity as we stand side by side and connect our hearts at the centre of our sacred container, the circle. We are guided by Spirit, remaining flexible, open, and aware that each circle member has important pieces to contribute.

The Spiral Path of Learning is a continuum of ever-deepening wisdom, understanding and exploration as we gather tools that help us nourish ourselves wholistically in balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit. As we move through each circle level of the spiral, we expand these tools as we strengthen our confidence and empower each other in a community of peace makers.


Introductory Trainings In Shamanism: 2013-2014

Four introductory trainings in shamanism of the first spiral level are now open for registration.

Trainings include:
* Shamanic Journeying
* Drumming
* Sacred Ceremony
* Community building
* Creative expression
* Exploring your edges
* Honouring dreamtime
* Connecting to nature
* Teleconference mentoring and program support
* Online learning community

Who is this training for?
* Beginners with no previous shamanic training
* Those with some shamanic training, such as having taken the CCSS “Journey Within: Basic Shamanism Program” or “Two Year Advanced Shamanism Program”, who are seeking to deepen their practice,
* Those who are seeking to gather training pre-requisites of the first spiral level for entering into future advanced shamanism training levels.


Heart Wisdom of Shamanism: Autumn/West

Date: October 4-6, 2013

Theme: Stepping on the pathway of gratitude, we honour the cycle of living and the wisdom we have gathered, as we surrender to change and flow forward with arrow focus.

winter fire

Heart Flame of Shamanism: Winter/North

Date: January 17-19, 2014

Theme: In the dark and quiet night of winter we gather around the shaman’s flame to spark creativity, restoring the soul and emerging anew.

spring robin nest

Heart Flow of Shamanism: East/Spring

Date: April 11-13, 2014

Theme: We embrace and gift the flow and renewal of Spring as we ground in nature with childlike joy and innocence.

Summer Round Lake

Heart Growth of Shamanism: South/Summer

Date: July 11-13, 2014

Theme: We honour the season of growth, while daydreaming outdoors, traveling through all our senses, merging with creation.


Register for Introductory Level Shamanism Training:

  • By phone: 1-888-383-8320 ext.1
  • Online: follow the link to “Book it Now!”
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Register for the Oct 4-6 program before September 15th and get a free $50 gas card and$50 worth of coupons from Explorer’s Edge Fuel and Fun package!


Come and experience the magic of an Introductory Training In Shamanism at Northern Edge Algonquin, our award-winning solar-powered nature retreat, located on Lake Kawawaymog, on the edge of Algonquin Park. Nourish yourself, dining on organic & locally raised food and be inspired by handcrafted surroundings designed in harmony with our forest home.

For more information:
* For more training details
* A virtual tour of the Edge
* Read about founder and patron Martha Lucier


Contact CCSS Coordinator, Gwenith Kikkawa, at 1-888-383-8320 ext.4, or [email protected]

Join us on Peace Villages, a free online network for building and bridging peaceful communities all over the world.

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