Last Call: Winter Introductory Training in Shamanism!

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Last Call Introductory Training in Shamanism!

Lake Kawawaymog in WinterLake Kawawaymog in Winter

Heart Flame of Shamanism: Winter/North

January 17-19, 2014

Join us in learning how to restore spiritual health and personal power. Led by the beat of a traditional shamanic drum, enter a natural altered state of consciousness exploring hidden worlds traveled by our ancient ancestors.

Theme: In the dark and quiet night of winter we gather around the shaman’s flame to spark creativity, restoring the soul and emerging anew.

Tree of Giving outside of Cedar SaunaOutdoor cedar sauna by the Garden of Gratitude

Trainings include:
* Shamanic healing tools
* Connecting with spirit guides
* Exploring gifts and purpose
* Co-creating ceremony
* Community building
* Creative expression
* Being in nature
* Teleconference mentoring
* Online learning community

Book it now!

To Register:

▪ By phone: 1-888-383-8320 ext.1
▪ Online: follow the link on the image to “Book it Now!”

Introductory Training GroupIntroductory Training Circle

In the Way of the Circlewe embody unity as we stand side by side and connect our hearts at the centre of our sacred container, the circle. We are guided on the shamanic journey by Spirit, remaining flexible, open, and aware that each circle member has important pieces to contribute.

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