Parking at Algonquin Park

Published By on February 9th, 2014 in Edge Insider

Algonquin Park nature retreat parking lotParking your vehicle while participating on an Algonquin Park canoe trip should not be a stressful thing.  Northern Edge Algonquin guests leave their cars parked while on overnight canoe trips in Algonquin.  Leaving their keys behind for safe storage with their guide, guests can put all of their attention on the natural beauty of our Algonquin region.

I remember one of my first Algonquin Park canoe adventures on Kawawaymog Lake.  Upon returning from a Thanksgiving weekend canoe trip I found out that one of the car doors was not fully closed.  Thankfully, there was one person within ear shot who could jump start my car.  It would have been a disaster for me and my family if I wasn’t that lucky.

Guests at the Edge don’t need to worry about being stranded if their car battery dies while parked in our Algonquin Park nature retreat parking lot.  We have booster packs that can start your car, get you out of our parking lot and on the road from Algonquin Park.  Peace of mind, matches the peace and serenity of Algonquin’s natural beauty.