Sounds of Spring at Algonquin Park

Published By on March 24th, 2014 in Edge Insider

Recording Algonquin Park bird calls

There is still over three feet of snow covering the ground and the lake at Algonquin Park’s Kawawaymog lake.  We will be covered in snow and ice for at least another month.  But despite winter’s insistence on lingering, the longer days are urging wildlife to resume their patterns of life.  That means it’s time for spring birds to start to arrive in our area of Algonquin Park from their sunny and warm southern ranges.

This year, the folks at Northern Edge Algonquin are recording some of the sounds of wildlife using a parabolic dish popularized by sound recording artist Dan Gibson in the late 1970’s and 1980’s.  We’ll be posting links to some of the Algonquin audio recordings here in the near future.

We’re especially anxious to capture the sounds of the lake coming back to life this spring.  Most listeners will be quite amazed at the sound the lake makes as the ice  makes sound created by waves of water under the ice.  This is followed by some fantastic sounds of tinkling ice at break up time.  Spring is a special time of the year here at Algonquin Park and we’re especially lucky to be able to enjoy the sounds of the season….. this year, we’ll be sharing with readers of the Algonquin Park Blog.

Stay tuned.