Time Flies – reconnecting with our Algonquin Park guests from years gone by

Published By on May 14th, 2014 in Edge Insider

Two years ago we received a return visit from a family from Europe that was returning to Northern Edge Algonquin after a 10 year gap from their first visit.  Father was returning with his nine year old son to introduce him to the Algonquin Park Canoe Trip experience.

To say it was rewarding to see a familiar face and recall the stories from years gone by would be an understatement. More rewarding was the thought that the experience we had provided obviously had a very strong impact on this guest.

This year a similar reacquaintance happened in a different way at the Green Living Show in Toronto.  While speaking with a mother and grown son at our Food pavilion with FeastON where Gregor was serving up a delicious taste of the Edge a spark went off in one of their minds – OMG, the Edge, Northern Edge Algonquin.  We went there for an experience called Quest for the Golden Nectar over a decade ago!

My eyes immediately went to the young professional man standing before me.  I immediately recalled taking a photo of him as he was showing off his maple syrup that we had just bottled together in the mainhouse dining room.  I asked his mother for a business card.  Turns out, Anthony Moscar is a naturopath in the GTA.  Little did we know that his first naturopathic remedy was concocted on a cold late winter day in March, 2002.

Here’s Anthony in 2002

Anthony Moscar, March 2002
Anthony with Algonquin Park maple syrup and again in 2014 at his Naturopathic Foundations Clinic.

Needless to say, mother and son left our booth with taste of Algonquin Park maple syrup on their tongue in the sauce adorning Gregor’s portage packs.