What’s behind the whole glamping movement?

Published By on May 9th, 2014 in Edge Insider

Folks want to connect with nature the way they did as kids – but they don’t want to sleep on the ground.  That’s the simplest explanation. Many of our guests are looking for a summer camp for adults type of experience.

In the city, most folks spend all their time indoors and they need a safe supportive environment, but they still have seeds of adventure in their soul. Glamping is sort of a halfway house for folks who don’t get out much but want to explore and be cared for.

Northern Edge Algonquin offers a range of accommodation and program options that give folks the opportunity to discover the natural world in a range of comfort zones.

Canvas cabins at the Edge have been available for guests at the Algonquin Park nature retreat for over 15 years.  Most folks find them a really comfortable way to spend the night, going to sleep to the sound of loons voices echoing across the lake and rising to the sound of song birds and the light of early morning sunrise and forest shadows dancing on the canvas walls slowing waking them from dreamtime.