Catch the Wave

Published By on June 19th, 2014 in Edge Insider

You might see something strange when traveling our wonderful winding backcountry road to Kawawaymog lake at Algonquin Park.

It’s not the moose, turtles, deer, porcupine, fox or other wildlife you may encounter en route to our Algonquin Park home that will surprise you.  You may encounter a local resident driving the other way.  How will you know they’re local and live in small town/rural near northern Ontario?

finger waveIf you look closely, you may see a small finger raised in a subtle hello from the steering wheel as you pass by.  Most folks deserve at least the one finger wave. You know…..lifting one finger off of the steering wheel to acknowledge a fellow driver passing by.  You may even get a full four fingers, or a hand lifted completely from the steering wheel waving hello.  Don’t be alarmed, it’s just our way of greeting folks as we pass by.  Out here on the outskirts of Algonquin country we smile and wave at folks as we meander down the road.  We’re welcoming you in a small town kind of way.

Feel free to wave back!

Thank you for visiting.

Warning!!!!! Do not try this in the big city.  Folks will definitely know you are not local and think you are strange!