The Circle Way Newsletter: Of The Same Root

Published By on July 31st, 2014 in Circle Stories From The Heart

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We are all indigenous

“We are all indigenous” painting by Suellen. Click on image for more paintings.

We Are All Indigenous

By Suellen Evoy-Oozeer (CCSS Collective Circle Member)

We all come from the Earth, breath air, feel sun.
All of flesh, bone, blood
we are all one.

We are all Indigenous
We are all Indigenous

Our roots are deeply joined our Beginnings all the same.

We forgot our ground,
our source
from which we all came.

We are all Indigenous
We are all Indigenous

When we waken,
feel the joy of knowing
Who we really are.
Remember our roots, our past,
our common ancestors
Are not so very far.

Once awaken,
our hearts are home,
our energies unite.
We can activate
our collective soul,
love’s eternal light.

We are all Indigenous
We are all Indigenous

Spirit, Humanity, Earth,
all Energy
creates a scared fire.
When these energies unite
It’s union will never tire.

We are all Indigenous
We are all Indigenous


Home Practice

Reconnecting With Your Indigenous Soul

Venture outside to be with a tree that calls to you. Come into your heart center and ask the tree’s permission to merge with it.
* Merge with the trees roots and ask, “How am I grateful for my past?”
* Merge with the trunk and ask, “How am I grateful for my present?”
* Merge with the branches and leaves and ask, “How am I grateful for my future?”
Once you are finished merging, give thanks to the tree.

Make a collage, drawing, or painting of what you experienced in your roots, trunk, and branches. Enjoy how it’s growing gratitude nourishes the living connection to your indigenous soul!

Share your creations and experiences on Peace Villages

Rainbow Harmony

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Heart Growth

Heart Foundation members in embrace of gratitude

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