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Greenland ceremony

Healing the Hearts of the Ancestors in Greenland

(by Martha Lucier, co-founder & collective member)

Just before leaving for Greenland I had a dream that was very powerful. In the dream I was performing an Ancestor Ceremony in an area where rocks marked the graves of the ancestors on a grassy land. I was standing at each rock holding a scepter while saying prayers.

As I began to pray the Earth began moving and shifting beneath my feet, like waves pulling me off balance. The shifting caused large cracks and one of them began to open. I knew the ancestors were not far beneath the surface. I was shown that they were only 1-1/2 feet underground and only air lie between the ancestors and myself.

I began sinking into one of the cracks as the rumbling earth softened like a sponge. I jumped back to stop myself from being swallowed by the earth. I later wondered if the melting permafrost was bringing the ancestors closer to us? A big black spider emerged out of one of the cracks. I killed it by slicing it in half with the scepter without hesitation, as I intuitively knew it carried poison.

A story began to unfold on my journey to Greenland that helped me understand the significance of the dream and why I was called to the top of the world. This is the story that has unfolded for me….



Home Practice

The next time you are outdoors, connect to the wisdom within the land. Explore what helps nature, such as the trees, the flowers, and the birds empty themselves and fill their hollow bones with Spirit.
* What do you need to let go of so that you can grow into the power of who you are?
* What helps guide you back home to the light in the most desperate of times?
* How can you incorporate these helpful ways into your daily life?


A Chant For His Mother

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq becomes the hollow bone as he sings a chant honouring his mother and her teaching to melt the ice in the heart of man.


Angaangaq plays the qilaut: an instrument from the great sky



Katy Hitchison   Shannon Moroney

Katy Hutchison & Shannon Moroney

The F-Word Retreat: Exploring Forgiveness

Guided by Shannon MoroneyKaty Hutchison

Forgiveness can change the shape of our journeys. It can release anger, fear, judgement and resentment, and open the door to peace and a positive future. Join us at our Algonquin Park home for a beautiful, emotional and transformative weekend retreat for adults who want to explore the concept of forgiveness and consider ways to apply it in their own lives.


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Angaangaq with feathers

Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man

Retreat: Sept. 12-14, 2014

Imagine the magic of gathering in circle, becoming the hollow bone, and calling in Spirit to the centre as you come home to your heart.

With the trusted guidance of Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, we will awaken our indigenous roots and the power of our ancestry, as we deepen our connection with all relations.


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HGOS Circle

Heart Growth of Shamanism circle

Heart Wisdom of Shamanism Training

Autumn/West: October 3-5, 2014

Program Theme: Stepping on the pathway of gratitude, we honour the cycle of living and the wisdom we have gathered, as we surrender to change and flow forward with arrow focus.

“Many wonderful gifts were bestowed on me by Spirit at the Edge, and are continuing. So the “Edge experience” is still very, very much alive for me! There is a mystical magic that abounds there and I am truly in awe of it.” ~ Bongi Damoyi (Heart Growth of Shamanism participant)


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CCSS Affinity Program

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CCSS Affinity Program

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Peace villages

What Is Happening On Peace Villages?

▪ Strengthen and deepen your connections
▪ Share empowering communications
▪ Plan & announce events or gatherings
▪ Keep communications alive in between physical gathering times
▪ Advertize on marketplace
▪ Step into your power as a ‘firekeeper’ or community leader
▪ Exercise your skill and ability to seed and build a sustainable, peaceful community
▪ Globally connect your community with other peace villages

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