For the brothers and sisters in Heart Flow

Published By on April 2nd, 2015 in Circle Stories From The Heart

Guest Post by Dalva Lamminmaki, Finno-Ugric Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher, Collective Circle Member

I have lived.

I have given my gifts to the Ancestors. 
I have said my words in the smoke of the fire, it is you. 
I have painted my drum. 
I have called you.

My Brother. 
My Sister.

I have grown roots in to the ground, they are you. 
Deep Deep Deep. 
I have tasted the water, it is you. 
I have been crying in the wind, it is you.

I have seen a Bear. 
I have seen an Owl. 
I have seen a Deer. 
I have seen a Frog. 
I have sen a Fox. 
I have seen a Butterfly.

They are you.

I have walked on the Mountain of Pain, so have you. 
I have been standing in the River Of Grief, so have you. 
I have been in the Tunnel of Light, so have you. 
I have taken a Sacred Breath in hot steam, so have you.

I have Your voice, I am speaking. 
You have My voice, speak it.

The spirits will wake up in you, they are you.


Home Practice

As you prepare to drink a glass of water, go within your heart and ask: 
What would it be like to drink this water with the understanding that I am connected to all of nature?

Water has been in clouds in the sky, it has been deep in the ground, it has been inside tree roots, it has been in the air, it has been plant and animal, it has been in rivers and ocean…and now it is in me.


Heart Foundations

Live the life your Heart desires.

What might it be like to give the heart permission to guide our lives? What would it’s messages be? It’s desires? How would it like to express itself?

Heart Foundations Retreats
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