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Published By on May 8th, 2015 in Circle Stories From The Heart

ancestral mountain



Window To The Future

By Doug Mannen, CCSS Collective Member

I had a wonderful experience today; I had just decided to sit and read close by the front windows of my home. I had planned on sitting elsewhere, but following a whim, I was compelled to move. Within seconds I heard a “thump”; I knew a bird had hit one of the windows behind me. When I went outside, sure enough, there lay a male Junco. He was lying on his back and not moving so I gently picked him up. He fluttered a bit and opened his eyes, although I could tell he was in great distress. I sat down on the ground and held him for at least 15 minutes, sending him love and energy. I talked to him the entire time, having trust that all would be well, yet harbouring some doubt as well. My misgivings would prove me wrong!



Home Practice

Following your heart, your dream, your intuition, connect with a sacred place in Nature. Listen to the birds as they sing their song of creation and renewed life; allow their voices to fill your core and connect to your Heart Flame, your Soul Seed… YOU!

▪ What do you feel? What are they singing to YOU? How are they answering your questions? Ask for the wisdom of the Bird People.
▪ Reflect upon what you “hear”. Does it connect with your own flight at this time?
▪ How can you include what you have been “given” in your daily life practices? With friends? With family? With fellow workers? With anyone you meet?

If anyone asks you where all this insight has come from, tell them, “A little birdie told me so.” You will not be far from the TRUTH!

Thank you; be well friends and… fly!

flying birds

Click on image to listen to song

Song: Fly Little Birdie

From Martha Lucier & Kevin Alexander (CCSS Members)

“I remember it hitting the window while I was journeying inside in the chair in the corner of the main house. I got up and walked out and saw the little bird on the ground. I picked it up and was called to walk with it. It was a goldfinch.

As I wandered I was called to walk the spiral path of the labyrinth. As I walked the spiral I was clearly shown the message, Be ready for things to change.” ~ Kevin

“From the kitchen window I saw Kevin walking the spiral labyrinth with a bird in his hand, and I heard this song coming through.” ~ Martha

“Holding the bird, Martha came into the spiral and we started to sing to the bird. The bird suddenly woke up and started to move. It did not fly but it held onto my finger tightly. I heard the bird say,Your spirit might be struck on the head and become quiet, but keep singing and let your spirit fly when it is ready.

Then it flew off into the trees.” ~ Kevin




Heart Growth

Heart Growth of Shamanism Training

July 17 – 19, 2015

Live the life your Heart desires.

What might it be like to give the heart permission to guide our lives? What would it’s messages be? It’s desires? How would it like to express itself?

▪ Explore various ways of shamanic journeying and learn how this tool can offer guidance and support in living a thriving and inspired life.
▪ Connect with your very own helping spirit guides
▪ Co-create ceremony with others
▪ Tap into the wisdom of your childhood and reclaim how to fully utilize all your senses as gateways into the freedom of your imagination.


Book Now


▪ Follow link Book it now or, call 1-888-383-8320

Video  Shamanism at Northern Edge Algonquin  Ontario  Canada

Heart Wisdom of Shamanism Training

October 16-18, 2015

Answering the call of our heart wisdom, we trust in our power, embracing the fear of change, as we commit to living in our strength, and flowing with hope and colour.

▪ Weave personal practices of shamanism and ways of living from your heart into your daily life
▪ Align with the elements and seasons
▪ Embody the ancient wisdom of the ‘way of the circle’
▪ Awaken your indigenous soul connection to the earth


Book Now


▪ Follow link Book it now or, call 1-888-383-8320

Celtic Shamanism

Celtic Shamanism

Two Year Program

With Andrew Steed

Delve within the folds of your own life stories and
discover the inner hero within!

“So many people have stuffed, blocked, denied and/or forgotten pieces of their story to the point that they become stuck within their story. Here is a way to cleanse, renew and work with the indigenous practice of reclaiming.” ~ Andrew Steed

Program dates:
* Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2016
* Apr. 20 – Apr. 24, 2016
* Oct. 12 – Oct. 16, 2016
* Apr. 5 – Apr. 9, 2017

▪ Find out more
▪ Apply online
▪ View payment plan

Soul Pathways

Soul Pathways of Shamanism

One Year Program

This year long Soul Retrieval Training, offered every other year, is for those who are ready to dig deep beneath the surface, through rock and roots to the living story, returning ‘home’ to the fullest expression of who you are. As we carve new soul pathways, we will spread our wings of freedom, flowing love into all of life.

Program Dates:
* Feb. 24 – 26, 2017
* May 26 – 28, 2017
* Aug. 23 – 27, 2017
* Nov. 17 – 29, 2017

▪ Find out more
▪ Apply online
▪ View payment plan


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