The Ancestors Are Ascending, By Gwenith Kikkawa (CCSS Collective Member)

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The Ancestors Are Ascending

By Gwenith Kikkawa (CCSS Collective Member)

Since my father’s passing in 2008, I have invited his spirit to visit with me often, and he continues to show up in many ways. Sometimes in a blue heron flying above me, or when I find myself clasping my hands behind my head to lean and stretch back, or when I hear the “Let it Be” by the Beatles on the radio, or when I look into the wise eyes of my 4 month old nephew, Grayson.

Two nights before his memorial service, he came to me in a dream to offer me the most I could ever ask of him, a big teddy bear hug. I had always yearned for those kind of hugs from him, for more time to connect heart to heart. When he gave me this hug, a bright blast of light transferred from him into me. He imprinted me with his lifetime of love and light, all the hugs and love he could have ever given were transferred in that instant.

~ Gwenith & Mitsuki

My father, Sensei Mitsuki Kikkawa, was a great healer who pioneered Shiatsu and Suikodo into Canada. He never officially taught me these modalities when he was in his physical form, but he is teaching me now, through the living wisdom in my blood and bones. When I lay my healing hands on myself or another, I see his hands moving through mine, telling me stories.

I work and live on the edge of Algonquin Park, in an old logging town called South River. It is here that my healing path continues.

~ Gwenith drumming at the Edge

In February, when I was gathered with a shamanic circle at the Edge, I was introduced to an ancient Hawaiian healing practice called Ho’oponopono. A practice of reconciliation, it is defined in the Hawaiian Dictionary as “mental cleansing: family conferences in which relationships are set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness.” Our group entered into a Ho’oponopono healing ceremony, connecting with our ancestral mountains, offering the prayerful words of, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I thank you. I love you.”

I entered this ceremony with complete unknowing. My conscious mind did not know of any who I held resentment towards, or of any need for offering my apologies. But I did it anyway. When I saw my father and offered him Ho’oponopono, an immense well of grief began to flow through me. I cried an ocean of tears that went back lifetimes. Different emotions and stories flashed through me as I cried, feeling my body getting lighter the more I surrendered and just let myself cry, without the need to know exactly how or why.

The healing layers of Ho’oponopono have been coursing through my veins ever since that ceremony. It has become a new-ancient way of living for me. If I catch myself talking negatively to myself, I offer myself forgiveness. If I have a pain in my physical body, I offer it forgiveness. When I walk through the forest, I walk Ho’oponopono in my footsteps. As I do so, my heart opens more and more, to receive the love and apologies from all those around me. Love is truly For-Giving.

My father always spoke with utmost reverence about angels. He repeatedly asked my sister and I to “paint the angels”. This was a message that stayed with me, a message that I have stayed open and curious to understanding why he felt so strongly about angels. Then this past weekend, when I gathered again in circle at the Edge, I received an ancestral story of angels.

~ Angel by Adrienne Kikkawa

Speaking through me, my father said, “Wait not for death to see the angels. The angels are living, in the heart light of ourselves, of each other, in the ancestors passed, and in the ascendants becoming. As we open our heart light, our wings of freedom stem out from the center of this love. Wait not for experiencing this reverence in all beings around us. Wait not to give this reverence inside, the ancestor within of each moment just passed. Wait not to receive this reverence inside, loving the ascendant within of each moment of our becoming.”

I hear the words of an ancestral song singing through me now that says over and over, “The ancestors are ascending into the receiving blankets of the heart light of the ascendants.” There are so many untold stories in our bloodlines, in our bones, that are flowing through at this magical time. So many ancestral stories that are seeking to be heard, held and received in the arms of love and compassion. Just as we do so unconditionally with the newborns of the new world.

A choir of ancestral voices is calling us to trace back the wisdom lines of our ancestry to the source of our healing. These voices are asking us to dig down to the roots of our family trees and dust off the old photo albums we keep stored in the attics and basements. We are being called to move through the generational timelines to where our past has been shaping our soul’s becoming all along.

~ young Mitsuki

When we open our hearts to receive the ancestral stories, we re-member where we have come from, coming home to the fullness of who we are now, freeing the way forward of becoming our greatest light potential.

What ancestral story is calling to be told and heard through you?

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