Wooed by Winter

Published By on November 25th, 2015 in Edge Insider

snow-heartSo your summer romance has ended.  In some countries, “summer lovin'” can last the whole year.  Here in Canada we just have to face the music:  Summer was fun, and that doesn’t mean Winter can’t be just as great.  Winter can be a time for deep renewal; a time for playing in the snow, and yes, a time for falling in love.  We just have to make our peace with it.

Just in time for the winter season, here is our official 8 Step guide to being Wooed by Winter:

1. Your Eyes Meet Across the Room
It all starts with the first snow of the year.  The colour has been missing from the trees and plant life surrounding you, the gray and brown of the past week or two is suddenly spruced up with a bedding of white sparkling joy.  It’s the new smile from across the room after your break up from your summer romance.  This is new.  This is exciting.  Will it last?  Only one way to find out:


2.  Embrace a new Adventure
“I’ve tried this before,” you want to say, but really – this is a new winter.  That really cold winter last year was just one season: they can’t all be the same, right?  And you’re starting to feel it.  What would it be like to give yourself permission to enjoy winter? To explore the opportunities winter brings?  Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing . . . You’ve heard of these activities before, maybe you’ve given them a try.  Maybe they are worth trying again.  Guided and fully-equipped ski and snowshoe day trips take the stress out of preparing for these journeys.

couple in the snow winter

3.  Butterflies in your Stomach
It’s time to make a date.  You love cooking – well, at least you know you love eating.  Each season brings it’s own joyous bounty: winter can be home to comforting soups, chili, stews, savoury pies, walnut cookies, and more.  Soul food.  What sort of ingredients are available locally in your area?  Can something even be “in-season” during the winter?  You can learn to love cooking with grown-at-home sprouts & micro-greens, and nourish yourself even in the heart of winter.  Guests at the Edge learn how, through stories from Chef Gregor on his culinary process and local foodie connections.

greg cooking a stir fry

4.  Timelessness & Late Night Conversations
We all know those timeless moments that happen on date night.  The nights you get so wrapped up in conversation that suddenly you are watching the sun rise together.  This evening, step out onto our lakefront skating rink.  Skate under a festival of stars, on a lake lit just by ice lanterns and the moon.  Once you’ve had enough (if you can possibly get enough,) wish upon a star then head inside to retire next to the fire with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate.


6.  Build Something Meaningful
Winter is a time for dreaming of the future.  What do you want your next year to be like?  What action steps can you take right now to make that happen?  Dare to Live Your Dreams this winter, and spend some time building outside too.  Build a snowman, a snow-tree, a snow-castle, a snow-dragon.  The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

4.  Discover a Primal Connection
Ignite the wild soul within you.  Time to go out on a limb & try something brand new.  What winter experience have you always wanted to try, but haven’t yet had the chance?  How do you feel about dog-sledding?  Guests at the Edge have the opportunity to meet Ed and his fleet of Alaskan Huskies.  Learn the simple controls and head out on a 3 hour dog-sledding excursion, becoming one with the dogs and with winter along your journey.

dog sledding on the lake at northern edge algonquin, Kawawaymog Lake Algonquin Park

5.  Get comfortable being Intimate and Silly
After a day of adventure in the snowy forest, it’s time to heat things up in the wood-fired sauna, rejuvenate yourself, and perhaps even cool down with a roll in the snow.  Recommended techniques include the “barrel roll,” the “pancake flop,” “the snow angel,” and of course the good old “pat on, wipe off.”  You can also start a light-hearted snowball fight to cool off your friends & loved ones. Let your joy shine through!

winter fun snow in face couple

8.  All of Me
That’s it – that’s all it took, and you’re ready to commit to Winter.  The season may be almost over, but you know you’ll see each other again — and this time you’re looking forward to it.  First, you have to meet the whole family.  It’s time to meet Spring, Summer and Fall, and learn to love them as much as you now love Winter.

Highlander House in Winter at northern edge algonquin

Experience it all at the Edge

Fire & Ice: A Winter Getaway is a 3 day cabin retreat that features every activity above.  Join us for a solo getaway to connect with winter, for a romantic getaway with a loved one, or just to have a good time with friends.