Published By on February 25th, 2016 in Circle Stories From The Heart

By Gwenith Kikkawa (CCSS Collective Member)


What would it be like to rise with the one that hums with the birds and awakens with the newborn colours of each day?

To rise with the one that pours the soaring love from a nurtured place; the one that lives in a house that all are invited in to warm themselves and take shelter.

To rise with the one that welcomes you home, greeting you at the door of your heart with joyous fireworks every time you enter; the one that has ancestral tea and soup for your soul ready on the stove, ripe with invitation.

To rise with the one that weaves by the firelight with yarns and threads and fabrics of many colours as she holds her Creator dear and close in the rocking of her chair.

To rise with the one that asks, “Who are you?” because she wants to know your truth; she wants to listen to your story and wander the wonder by your side.

To rise with the one who is your chosen friend, your chosen daughter, your chosen sister, your chosen mother, and your chosen grandmother; the one who has chosen you just as much.

To rise with the remembering that your life is a precious miracle that sparkles and shines when you polish your value, your gifts, your passions, your gratitude, and your love.

What would this be like?


Home Practice
What would it be like to create the space and time in the morning to nurture your inner sun’s rising? What would it be like to nurture yourself _first_ each day before expanding out into the world?

Explore and discover what 15-30 minutes of nurturing and nourishing yourself each morning might be like, as you ask yourself:
* What awakens my body?
* What lifts my spirit?
* What tickles my heart?
* What caresses my mind?

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