Rainbow Gates of Awakening

Published By on July 22nd, 2016 in Circle Stories From The Heart

By Andrew Judge (CCSS Collective Member)

Rainbow gates of awakening

Two days ago I drove through the worst storm I have ever witnessed. I was afraid and thought my car would be lifted off the ground and tossed into the air like paper. There were tornadoes that touched down not to far away, in the city roofs were torn off and many trees uprooted or relieved of major branches. There was even flash flooding. In the end, however, after coming to the other side of the storm, the sun came below the cloud revealing a giant full double rainbow… Persevering through our most difficult times has its benefits.

The challenges we face, perhaps when we doubt the path, when we get entangled into nets that slow our progress, or the resistance we encounter from those who are not ready for the great shifts that are upon us.

The work of Reawakening the teachings of the ancient mother. Of calling back up from the depths of her womb the sacred crystals planted all around her so they can begin to cleanse the poisoned waters.

Each of us, each of you has and is doing so much to uphold your sacred responsibility given by our star, earth, ghost, and physical ancestor relatives. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for existing at this time. For choosing this adventure as it continues to unfold in a most brilliant way full of shimmering rainbows of love and light.

ANCIENT_MOTHER ~ Song, “Ancient Mother”


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