The 8 Treasures you’ll love about your Algonquin Park Canoe Trip

Published By on May 4th, 2016 in Edge Insider

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    Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    Explore waterfalls and rapids.

  • Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    See majestic animals in their natural habitat . . .

  • Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    Knowledgeable, friendly guides.

  • Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    Meals over an open fire never tasted so good.

  • Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    Why settle for a five star hotel when you can have thousands?

  • Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    where time stands still.

  • Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    Taste the Northern life.

  • Active Adventure Canoe Trips . . .
    Bask in the Summer Sun

1. Portage a canoe solo for the first time: A feat of strength that is much easier to do than it looks, get a picture of yourself solo-portaging a canoe for ultimate bragging rights.  Take a break for a Portage Pita before stepping back into your canoe on the other end of the trail.

2. Hear the wolves howl in response to your call: Algonquin Park visitors in August may be within hearing distance of a pack of wolves – in the evening, call out to them with your best imitation, and you may hear their awe-inspiring response.

3. Bask in a Festival of Stars: Stand in awe under more stars than you’ve ever seen before.  View the Milky Way and its reflection off a calm, still lake.  Hear the stories of the stars, and let them light your way.

4. Engage with wildlife like never before: Track the majestic Moose, large & gentle creatures, as they feed on reeds knee-deep in the water.  Guide your canoe through and over old beaver dams. See otters, beavers, fox, and a variety of birds.  Listen to the eerily-beautiful echo of the loon call in the morning.

5. Experience silence & solitude: Paddle solo on a calm lake.  Enjoy your morning coffee while mist rises from the lake.  Sit with a loved one and watch the sunrise, sunset, or moon rise up over the lake.

6. Cook over an open fire:  From marshmallows to gourmet back-country fritters, there are plenty of ways to enjoy nourishing meals in the heart of Algonquin Park.

7. Swim in a waterfall.  Local Algonquin Park guides know the secret corners of the park, and can take you to some of the best swimming spots.  Close your eyes under the rushing water & refresh your senses.

8. Enjoy a warming sauna and hot shower at the end of your trip, soothing your muscles and ensuring the marks of your grand adventure don’t find their way into your car.

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