For the Brothers and Sisters in Heart Flow

Published By on May 9th, 2016 in Edge Insider

by Dalva Lamminmaki (CCSS Collective Member)

Dalva Lamminmaki
I have lived.
I have given my gifts to the Ancestors.
I have said my words in the smoke of the fire, it is you.
I have painted my drum.
I have called you.

My Brother.
My Sister.

I have grown roots in to the ground, they are you.
Deep Deep Deep.
I have tasted the water, it is you.
I have been crying in the wind, it is you.

I have seen a Bear.
I have seen an Owl.
I have seen a Deer.
I have seen a Frog.
I have sen a Fox.
I have seen a Butterfly.

They are you.

I have walked on the Mountain of Pain, so have you.
I have been standing in the River Of Grief, so have you.
I have been in the Tunnel of Light, so have you.
I have taken a Sacred Breath in hot steam, so have you.

I have Your voice, I am speaking.
You have My voice, speak it.

The spirits will wake up in you,
they are you.



Home Practice

Following the inner guidance of your heart, wander to a source of flow. Perhaps this leads you to a flowing river, a fountain, a warm bath, or a hilltop where the air flows freely…

* What does flow feel like? Sound like? Look like? Taste and smell like?
* Imagine if this source of flow could speak…what would it share with you about entering the flow?
* What would it be like to breathe these ingredients of flow into your everyday life?


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