Calling of the Wild Within

Published By on March 6th, 2017 in Circle Stories From The Heart

By Jane Large (CCSS Member)

Am I brave enough to embrace my Natural Self?

She is the One who walks naked when everyone else is clothed.

She is the wildest of wild parts of me, the part that can never be tamed because she remembers what it is like to howl at midnight on a full moon.

She remembers what it is to be the raging river in the springtime and the blossoming flower during summer.

She is warm like honey and cold as the winter wind. She is the Sun, the Moon and Stars. She is the wind, rain and snow.

She is the One who runs freely through the fields and forests, calling all of Nature her kin and ally.

She is Nature itself.

She is Creation embodied.

Do I dare ignore her call? The call of the wild within me, the One who remembers the secrets of the Universe?

She will dare me to Love with every facet of my Beingness, to surrender into the Arms of Life and follow my Dreams. She will dare me to remember. She will dare me to Live.

I hear her whispering in my ear…will I answer?

How can I not answer, for the wild One I speak of is the I am, the We, and the One.

To deny her would be to deny my Self and all of Creation that dwells within me.

For I am the Natural Self, part of the Great Mystery.

(drawing by Emily Tilander)


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