The Love of Thousands

Published By on March 6th, 2017 in Circle Stories From The Heart

Post by Gwenith

A few weeks ago, in a healing session with circle friends Doug and Lyne, I received a most immense gift that continues to expand within me.

Laying under the sacred and safe care of their healing hands, I opened my spirit eyes to see that I was surrounded by thousands of ancestors. The ancestors invited me to absorb every detail of their faces, their hair colours, what they were wearing. In these details I could follow the thread of their storylines that connected to me.

“Everything you like or dislike, everything you love or fear, all of it traces back to the storylines of your ancestors, come see!” In flashes of instants, I travelled through the timelines, into different ancestral lives. I saw a woman who owned a farm, who had developed a special kinship with a donkey that would keep her company all day long, always at her side. “This is why you like donkeys! The storyline lives on in you!”

They showed me their many gifts, their many accomplishments, from building homes, to the families they helped raise. Everything they celebrated in their lives lived, continues to be celebrated through my life in the living now.

All at once, I felt the immensity of what these thousands of ancestors had invested in my life, and in Life itself. I could hear them cheering for my life, my greatest fans, celebrating all I had accomplished, all that I had become, all I was capable of still.

I had never felt such immense appreciation and support, tears pouring down my cheeks.

“What can help me remember this feeling and knowing?” I asked with fear of forgetting.

“Open, dear child, open to the celebration and appreciation of your life. If ever you feel as though you are alone, feeling overwhelmed as though the world is resting on your shoulders, feeling as though you want to close down and escape, return to opening. Open to receiving our support that is always there within you, in the earth of your bones, in waters of your blood, in the air of your breath, in the fire of your passion. For you, my dear, you are the result of the love of thousands.”

Last weekend, after a visit with my mother, she invited my husband Kevin and I to make a visit over at the Cobourg cemetery. She gifted us with a plaque made to honour the spirit of our baby that had passed last November, inviting us to place it in the cemetery in the good company of some of our other ancestors.

When we arrived at the cemetery, again, I saw the thousands of ancestors there. We were being called to honour all ancestors, to gift them with sacred salt offerings, and songs of appreciation, acknowledging their love and support living on through all ascendants, opening to the sweet surrender.

As we left the cemetery, we were soon stopped on the road by the love of thousands. Above us, in the light of the glorious setting sun, the sky was filled with geese, swirling and dancing in flight, singing loudly with jubilation.

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