Keys to a Good Life – Mino Bimaadiziyin

By Jan Beaver, CCSS Circle Member

Having reached the magical age of 66, I find myself reflecting on who I am and what I have learned.

Here are some of the keys for me:

Much love to all From my heart to your heart.


Home Practice:

Take a few quiet moments to reflect on the flow of your life.

There may be areas where the flow is smooth and easy.

There may be other areas of turbulence.

Is there a key within the turbulence that can open a portal of understanding for you at this stage of your life?

Take a deep breath and dive deep to find out.

Your comments.

  1. Jocelynne says:

    Thank you Jan for sharing your wisdom. Your words resonate truth and confidence for me. Blessings.

  2. Nancy Yule says:

    I carry your gracious wisdom in my Heart. May Spirit continue to unfold its’ beauty and mystery to your open soul. With grace, gratitude and joy in my heart, Love Nancy.

  3. Hedy says:

    Thank you for this deep wisdom, Jan. I too, feel the truth in them and am filled with gratitude to you for sharing them through words here, that I can re-read. May blessings of love flow your way.

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