Unplug with Your Team

Published By on May 11th, 2020 in Compass Connections

Put Social Physics to Work for your team:

Recent research into team dynamics indicates teams that are most productive, innovative and successful enjoy the competitive advantages due to face-to-face dialogue between departments and unstructured communications beyond the walls of their organization.  The ideas of this Social Physics (listen to a 7 minute interview on the subject) revolution is changing the way organizations achieve success.

Get Away from the Distractions:
The Edge, a solar powered team building retreat and conference centre on the edge of Algonquin Provincial Park, is ideal for events where interaction in a relaxed and natural setting is important. Hidden in the forest with a lakefront panorama, The Edge is a true sanctuary. The natural beauty and stillness provides an ideal productive meeting setting away from daily distractions.

Disconnect to Connect: We’re beyond cell phone range, so attendee phones just don’t work at the Edge, though we do have telephone service for emergencies. Most team members are grateful for a few days of unplugging. No emails, SMS messages or Facebook distractions here, just focusing on connecting with the people on your team and their important ideas.

Privacy: We book only one private retreat or team building event at a time. This means you have the forest, the lakes, a variety of indoor and outdoor meeting areas all to yourself and your group of up to 40 guests. Your need for privacy and serenity is foremost.

Food: Our kitchen provides colorful, delicious,( largely organic fare) to tempt all palates. Food is grown in our own lakefront garden and nearby farms. It’s food that has people talking and asking for recipes. Fresh baked goods, fresh fruit, hot and cold drinks at breaks are all included. More on Mealtime at the Edge. Add on our roman black oven Forest Pizza Party, a great way to inspire discussion on the ingredients of a great team.

Host and co-founder of Northern Edge Algonquin, Todd Lucier talks about escaping technology at their unique venue on CBC Radio show ‘The Current.’

Episode 1 (11:55)

How is the Edge different from traditional corporate retreats? How do teams respond to our unique opportunities in Algonquin? What about time out? Is there any “I” time? How does the team building retreat planning process work? How are the needs met for individuals and the organization as a whole?

Episode 2 (9:55)

What are the benefits of starting a team building retreat in Toronto? What will your team experience if they participate in a Corporate Quest? How can a mapping experience help move your organization forward? How do themes contribute to a corporate team building retreat? What are benefits of putting your team a bit outside their comfort zone? What is the learning edge? How do you ensure everyone has a good time, even if the weather is bad?

Episode 3 (9:53)

How do people react to being away from their technologies? How do visiting teams benefit from Appreciative Inquiry at the Edge? What does a day at the Edge look like? Benefits of having outside facilitators plan and deliver a team building retreat? How does Corporate Quest respond to inquiries?