Listening for Song in Nature

Published By on September 16th, 2020 in Circle Stories From The Heart

By Hedy Minten, Retreat Attendee & Circle Member

The song, Trust Flow, Love, Be came to me while I was kayaking and contemplating our upcoming trip to Algonquin Park as part of Way of the Circle Centre’s “Algonquin Journey: Reconnecting with the Songlines of Nature” one year program in 2017. 

Algonquin Journey Circle

My husband, son and I had spent many summers each year canoeing and camping in the interior of Algonquin. It became a beloved place to us. In 2005, we encountered an experience with a bear encircling our tent all night that left me fearful of returning. We arrived at a campsite at dusk and couldn’t see that the previous campers had left food scattered in different places throughout. This is what most surely called the bear to us. I share this because I would like you to know that with practicing site cleanliness, we had camped since 1992 and had never encountered a bear.  Yet, after this experience, I couldn’t bring myself to return. Returning to the park with the Algonquin Journey Circle was my first venture back into this place. The song that came to me was inspired by my prayer calling for courage. From this, the words, Trust, Flow, Love, Be arose. I believe it was the first prayer that came to me in the form of a song. Since this time, I have noticed that I often hear melodies when I am close to water. Our Circle brother, Chris Sheridan speaks of these melodies as “the voice of our ancestors.”

On one of our Algonquin Journey day outings with our Circle, we ventured into what Martha calls, “Rainbow Falls.” The waterfall flowed through an old growth forest. Covered in moss, the rocks and tall trees felt ancient, and their forms held great beauty. 

Rainbow Waterfalls

The falls spanned the broad width of the river and was powerful in both flow and sound. It was here, through the sound of the rushing water, that I heard the song once again. However, this time I heard a chorus of voices – it was as though there were a chorus of many of me singing. The chorus sang so joyfully, and as though the sunshine itself was singing through the water. Hearing my own voice through many voices singing back to me was a powerful affirmation which held deep love. I felt fear leave me as the joy and lightness sounded around me. It was truly one of the most extraordinary and magical moments I have ever experienced. I am so grateful to The Edge and to our Circle for guiding us through inspirations and opportunities to connect with Spirit and so allow for these moments to evolve.

Other than the first four words, the rest of the song came to me as only a melody in vowels. Several months ago, I was sitting and walking along a river in a Toronto park. We had been invited to create a song for our dear Circle sister, Gwenith Kikkawa – to celebrate her transitioning from her current role at the Edge to a new beginning she was embarking upon, and in honor and gratitude for all she has done for The Edge and for Circle. I remembered how she felt moved by the Trust song when I first shared it. As I was listening to the sound of the water, more words to the melody came to me. I heard it as a song that would keep the Circle’s connection with her alive. I saw Circle members singing to Gwenith across time and place, calling to her with love, gratitude and a desire to keep connected. 

After receiving this song during her honouring and celebration, Gwenith received the inspiration to express gratitude to any beings through it. Flowers, hear us call…trees hear us call…stars hear us call…! I so love this evolution!

This song now invites us to sing our gratitude for all our connections. It invites us to trust that we are vessels of divine light through which love flows to these connections and from these connections back to us. It invites us to express this love through gratitude. It calls us to be in this highest vibration of truth and love.


Home Practice:

Preparing for the shift in season, Fall Equinox reflects to us a song of balance as we enter equal sunlight and darkness.

Navigating through the unknown of these times and finding our way into a “new natural”, we may notice certain emotions and feelings surfacing while we attempt to keep ourselves and each other safe.

Connect with a place in nature that you love, listening deeply to the sounds of this special place. 

What might it be like to receive a song that brings balance and safety? What words, sounds or melodies might you hear? 

What might it be like to express this song as a prayer for yourself and our world?

~ Hedy & Gwenith



Sung by Circle Members of the Dragon Fire Choir

Trust, Flow, Love, Be

Stars, hear our call
Stars, hear us call
Beloved wise ancient ones
Grateful we are for you

Trust, Flow, Love, Be

Earth, hear our call
Earth, hear us call
Beloved wise ancient one
Grateful we are for you

Trust, Flow, Love, Be

Air, hear our call
Air, hear us call
Beloved wise ancient one
Grateful we are for you

Trust, Flow, Love, Be

Water, hear our call
Water, hear us call
Beloved wise ancient one
Grateful we are for you

Trust, Flow, Love, Be

Fire, hear our call
Fire, hear us call
Beloved wise ancient one
Grateful we are for you

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