Plan a Mindfulness Retreat in Ontario

Published By on May 25th, 2020 in Holding Space

mindfulness retreat ontario

Looking for a retreat centre in Ontario to host your own Mindfulness retreat?

In a nest of comfort and care, surrounded by the healing natural world, Northern Edge Algonquin hosts retreats featuring meditation elements and works with others to co-produce meditation retreat programs that take advantage of the unique opportunities for meditation practice in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces surrounded by nature.

The normal state of many city folk, especially in an era of smartphones, computers, and constant connectivity is often that of partial attention. In our normal lives we are bombarded with words and images of advertisers and a constant stream of moving images and sound all screaming for our attention. In our hyperconnected state we multitask. It makes us feel we can achieve more. But it leaves us more disconnected, exhausted and unhappy.

Unplug. Quiet the mind, open the heart and listen deeply.

At Algonquin Park, our home in nature is the perfect place for contemplation and meditative practices; unplugging and getting to the root of what matters most (without distraction) exploring inner worlds and outer worlds. Beyond cell phone signals and constant connectivity, bathing in our forest setting, the Edge plays host to a variety of meditation programs.

We’ve been joined by mindfulness-based stress reduction teachers, and hosted retreats wtih Tibetan monks. If you are a meditation teacher looking for a home to teach meditation, you have found your oasis.

From time to time we provide meditative program elements to stimulate Renaissance time and Insight. This type of contemplative meditation is based in reflection, inducing a continuous flow of thought, creativity, revelation and synthesis.

Loving-kindness meditation promotes joy in ourselves and our world, and sound baths create a zenlike sense of tranquility. Research even shows that loving-kindness meditation “changes the way people approach life” for the better. It actually puts people on trajectories of growth, helping ward off depression and “become ever more satisfied with life.” This form of meditation promotes the attainment of a meaningful and successful life, like having an increased sense of purpose, stronger social support, and less illness.

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With over 20 years experience hosting shamanic retreats and yoga retreats we can provide shamanic drumming and guided visualization to enhance your retreat experience too.

How will your visit to the Edge be different?