Enjoy an Outdoor Getaway at the Edge of Algonquin Park This Summer

Published By on July 13th, 2021 in Edge Insider

Summer is here and we can feel the energy of excitement of people feeling ready to adventure once again! We are really looking forward to sharing experiences with guests. It is sure to be one of the most amazing seasons here at Northern Edge Algonquin that we have ever seen, with a variety of retreats on the calendar. We are all craving the nourishment of nature. Safely exploring at home in Ontario is shaping up to be the biggest travel trend of the season.

Ontario Parks have booked up in record time, which tells us that folks are craving outdoor experiences. We see the need for unplugging from the digital universe and experiencing the natural world.

We are so excited to share with you the beautiful lineup of weekend retreats which are planned here at Northern Edge. Our unplugged eco-retreat centre is located at the northwest corner of Algonquin Park. From learning the art of natural dye, to paddling adventures, yoga programs, and more, we invite you to join one of our custom-tailored, all-inclusive, multi-day experiences that reconnect and inspire the leader within, safely nourishing deep connections in our communities. All-inclusive pricing for all retreats includes amazing meals cooked by our award-winning Chef Gregor. You’ll stay in cozy forest accommodations, experience guided programming, and have access to all equipment. Packages start at $805/person depending on retreat length and choice of accommodation. 


Quest For Balance

Yoga on the dock

July 30 – August 2, 2021

You are invited into the space of exploring the daily practices of yoga and its principles. How could you begin to transform and deepen your practice? This yoga and SUP weekend offers daily yoga sessions at our eco-retreat and paddleboarding lessons on scenic Kawawaymog Lake.

This retreat is open to all skills levels, from beginner to advanced. After a day on the water and enjoying yoga in the summer sun, you’ll be treated to Chef Gregor’s amazing cooking. Gather around the fire pit as you connect and ground on the land with your new paddleboarding pals. Cozy forest accommodations await for you to rest your head under the epic clear skies of Algonquin Park.

‘Landing Together Again’ with Allie Chisholm-Smith

August 19 – 22, 2021

As we emerge out of this turbulence, dusting ourselves off, what are the next steps? What healing do we need to do, what rubble must be cleared for new growth?

Let us gather together in full consciousness. We’ll dream, plan, and map out the next steps forward toward the world in which we all want to live. Through yoga, meditation, shared stories and reflections, we will land together again softly.

We will be in a perfect time to offset the winds of Vata (anxiety, indecision and frenetic energy). We will practice resilience and grounding, growing our roots deeply into the soil to withstand the autumn storms. Our nervous systems will receive balms of healing and calm to rejuvenate our adrenals and souls once again.

We’ll awaken powerfully with energizing movement in the day. This will be complemented by Restorative Yoga later on. We’ll encounter moments of deep inner study as we remember ourselves as sacred.

Heart Blossom Retreat

August 26 – 29, 2021

Heart Blossom is part of a seasonal retreat series. We co-create each retreat experience with participants through a process we call the Way of the Circle. Participants tap into their intuition, unique gifts, soul yearnings, day and nighttime dreams, innate wisdom, and helping spirits to co-create living ceremony.

Going deep within they rediscovering their greatest leader, teacher, and healer within. You will experience magical learning moments which will meet both your individual needs while being of service to the greater Circle.

Through the heart’s gateway within, we are able to respond with our innate gifts and abilities, fulfilling the greatest needs we perceive in our lives and the world.

SUPtember Paddling Retreat with Court Outdoors

Paddleboarding at sunrise on Kawawaymog Lake

September 3 – 5, 2021

If you want to learn to paddleboard or improve your skills, this is the retreat for you! Paddle Canada SUP Instructor Courtney Sinclair will lead you through a weekend of adventure on the water. You’ll gain confidence, improve your technique, earn a certification, and have a blast exploring the beautiful wilderness waterways.

Picture a sunrise SUP session or sipping a coffee/tea in a canoe as mist rises off of Kawawaymog Lake. Enjoy a beautiful weekend in nature paddling the Amable du Fond River or on an excursion to Blueberry Island. Partake in yoga on the dock or on the paddleboard, bonfires, sauna, swimming, and more. This retreat is for water lovers to continue to deepen their connection.

Habit Reset Retreat

Powerful habits
Reading in a canvas cabin

September 9 – 12, 2021

The Habit Reset is an immersive retreat experience for individuals seeking wellbeing, transformation, and wishing for a reset. Join a supportive community with diverse goals and values as we create personal habits & routines. We’ll explore practices that help us step into who we want to be and how we want to be living.

Whether your goals have to do with health & wellness (or “Wellth”), balance, career, or joy – this is your opportunity to design your life purposefully. You’ll create patterns, environments, and habits that will help you to achieve those dreams, and be accountable to yourself. You will come away with clear goals aligned with your core values, and simple habits to help embody them.

Botanical Bounty: A Natural Dye Retreat
with Wendy Martin

Creating with natural plant material

September 16 – 19, 2021

This four-day retreat will introduce you to the beautiful, slow craft of Natural Dyeing. Natural dyeing is inquiry of intuitive art making: nature, art, creativity and spirituality. This retreat is designed for nurturing a sustainable and conscious relationship with nature.

Over the weekend, you’ll learn the basics of selecting and preparing natural textile fibers to receive colour. You’ll become immersed in the slow, patient art of extracting colour from a variety of plant materials.

Learn how to fix natural dyes to fabric, and which dyes are colourfast or fugitive. We’ll explore several methods of folding, tying & dyeing to create patterns yield incredible designs.

Want to Wait Until the Fall to Head Up North?

We’ll have amazing experiences happening pretty much every weekend for you to enjoy until well into October! Learn about all of our upcoming retreats in 2021 by clicking the button below!

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