Falling Into Our Dream of a New Tomorrow

Published By on September 16th, 2021 in Edge Insider

by Andrea Beatty

My name is Andrea Beatty, and I would like to tell you the story of how I learned to trust my inner guidance and came to be the principal teacher of the Causal Body Realignment treatment.  

This treatment is the process of bringing all layers of the aura into perfect harmonious alignment with the Causal Body.  It is the only known treatment that aligns the Causal Body with all the other layers of the aura, bringing us into closer contact with our Higher Selves. This treatment works in conjunction with the Earth’s aura, aligning us individually with it, giving each person a magnetically aligned point on Earth. This is why it is so deeply and profoundly integrating and grounding. Your own Causal Body is strengthened as you work with others. The process also mends rips, holes, tears, and folds in the different energetic layers of the aura and the chakras as it aligns them.

It was a mid-September day in 2014, and I was preparing to go on a spiritual journey to the south of France with a group of women, including Jan Beaver and Martha Lucier who have also written about Causal Body Realignment in The Ancient Healing of Rocks. I had just had a sauna with my husband, Dave. I decided to stay for a bit longer to bask in the heat, and this was when a very powerful, vivid vision came to me. I often have daytime visions, but this one ended up changing the course of my life.

Fall Equinox was a time of letting go…releasing old patterns and fears to create space for what I truly wanted in my life.

As I lay back relaxing, in open awareness in the sauna, I reflected on how Fall Equinox was a time of letting go.  I had been actively working on releasing old patterns and fears to create space for what I truly wanted in my life.  It was then that I fell into a vision, where I ‘saw’ my Star Bear, who has been a frequent spirit helper in my life. He motioned for me to follow him, so we both went up higher and higher into the sky until all I could see were bright stars all around us. 

Suddenly, Star Bear came to an abrupt stop, so of course, I did too. He then indicated that I was to go on without him. Yikes! I was nervous because I had never been so far without at least one of my guides. I decided that I would go on, and it became clear that I didn’t need a guide after all. I eventually came to a place of great light and peace. I thought of it as the Place of the Great Mother.  My physical eyes were weeping for the love I felt. It was indescribable. I was so thankful to be in this magnificent presence. 

Then I felt a message was emerging for me, “Seek a Causal Realignment from Asante, who will show you the way.”  After I received this message, I was transported back to my body on Earth. I was shocked as I usually don’t receive such exact messages.

Asante Penny is the original teacher of a healing modality called Causal Body Realignment, a process she has taught for almost four decades. The message came as a surprise because I hadn’t been in close contact with Asante in over fifteen years and I received my last causal treatment from her twenty-five years ago. I contacted Asante to tell her of my vision. She lived in the Vancouver area at the time. I asked if she could give me a treatment when I got back from France. 

As I watched the trees shed their leaves, I felt that I, too, was shedding the old in preparation for new growth.

During my remote treatment, I received a lot of information about how the coming months would transform my life. I had forgotten how powerful this Causal Body Realignment  form of energy work is. The treatment, and the Fall Equinox energies that year, helped me let go of many things which were not serving me. As I watched the trees shed their leaves, I felt that I, too, was shedding the old in preparation for new growth.

Asante traveled to Ontario the following spring. I hosted her in my home, and she taught a small group of us the Causal Body Realignment process. We all had such great results from practicing on family and friends that I wanted to continue my training. I ended up completing all three levels of it.  

I knew that offering these treatments was my life path because of the amazing results my friends and family experienced following their sessions. Things like finding their voice for the first time, being free of chronic conditions such as migraines and anxiety attacks, aligning with their perfect jobs, or finding a life partner. I had been doing energy work such as with Reiki for others for many years but had never had such powerful results. 

These kinds of immediate results kept happening over and over again, so I decided to open my own practice in the Muskoka region.Since then I have had many happy clients.  The fact that I could generate an income from this, and quit my part-time job, was incredible to me.  

Unfortunately, the last time I saw Asante in autumn 2017, she was in her final stages of breast cancer, at which time she asked me to continue her life’s work.  At first, I thought I wasn’t worthy of it and came up with many reasons why I couldn’t do it. But in the end, I decided that this was truly what I wanted to do from my heart. I believe that had someone not come forward to continue teaching, this work would probably have disappeared from the earth. It was the right decision because in the last few years, I have been able to teach many people this amazing healing modality.

We are among the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, and the brightest of all the lights. We have chosen, and have been chosen, to be here on Earth at this pivotal moment in history.

Fast forward to this year’s Fall Equinox, and I find myself once again facing fears, limitations, and feelings of helplessness. For over the last eighteen months or so, what has been unfolding worldwide has been unbelievable, scary, and confusing. What gives me great strength is that I know in my heart of hearts that we all are here for a reason. A message that has kept repeating for the past three years is as follows:  We are among the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, and the brightest of all the lights.  We have chosen, and have been chosen, to be here on Earth at this pivotal moment in history.  

I believe that each of us has a soul mission and that it is culminating in the NOW.  Causal Body Realignment is the process by which one can realign with one’s own Higher Self, or soul, and with our Earth Mother. Tools like this are needed now more than ever. In my practice, I have seen that it is time for us all to release unresolved trauma, recognize our unique gifts and abilities, and share them as we all dream a new world into being. As dark and scary as things may seem, it is a time of releasing old ways and energies that are not working in preparation for new growth, a new way of being, and ultimately, a beautiful new world of peace, prosperity, and unity, and love.

Fall Equinox and Causal Body Realignment Home Practice:

Watching as summer turns to fall, how might we be like the trees, and let go of things that are no longer needed, in order to prepare for new growth? 

Observe, walk among, and connect with the trees around you. What deep rooted patterns, habits and beliefs might you let go of? Can you trust that as you do this practice, the ‘old’ will create the space for the ‘new’? 

Meet Andrea

I am a mother and grandmother living in Huntsville, ON.  I love to garden, be in nature, do ceremony with my soul family, and have fun!  Due to a lifelong interest in developing human potential,  I became a holistic health coach, Reiki master, and am now the principal teacher of Causal Body Realignment. My website is www.dragonlfyhealth.ca. It is my belief that each of us can access our authentic selves, realigning with our original instructions, and healing old wounds and trauma. I am always humbled when someone trusts me to assist them in their healing journey. 

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