Why choose Northern Edge Algonquin for your Corporate Retreat

Published By on January 6th, 2023 in Compass Connections

The Edge is a one-of-a-kind team-building retreat destination surrounded by the beauty of Algonquin Park and the natural landscape of Canada.  Located just 3 hours North from Toronto, the corporate retreat venue is easily accessible from the city and major airports.

Why Northern Edge Algonquin is the best at Corporate Retreats

Northern Edge Algonquin is the perfect destination for your corporate retreat if:

Our team of expert retreat coordinators and facilitators will work with you to identify the needs of your organization based on your team’s insights, then co-create a unique team-building retreat program that will help to reconnect, celebrate your successes, restore employee mental health & wellbeing, explore new horizons, establish a culture of resilience, and inspire innovative solutions, productivity, and quality.

Why choose to plan a corporate retreat at Northern Edge Algonquin

If you’re planning a corporate retreat, you’ll find that most traditional corporate meeting venues will fit into one of the following groups:

Northern Edge Algonquin, designed from the ground up to be a sustainable and comfortable retreat destination for corporate teams and specialty groups, blends the benefits of both without the negatives.  We plan and facilitate fully tailored retreat programs featuring a wide aray of nature, wellness, and team-building activities, we offer wonderful amenities and delicious culinary service, and our accommodations are clean, modern, and comfortable.  Smaller groups will appreciate private rooms, while groups of up to 25 can still enjoy extremely comfortable and spacious double rooms. Join us just north of Muskoka to unplug, unwind, engage your team and foster a sense of connection.

Want help planning your next corporate retreat?

Make your next corporate retreat an event to remember.  Work with the Edge and get an amazing all-inclusive corporate retreat planned for you. Start planning.

Are you looking to plan the ultimate corporate retreat?

Our comprehensive guide walks you through everything from picking the perfect location, planning activities and team games, creating meaningful agendas, and more. With years of experience in hosting executive retreats, delivering team-building and strategic planning retreats – we know what it takes to make your corporate retreat one that will be remembered for years to come. 

A copy of our Corporate Retreat Planning Guide is on its way to your inbox. 

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