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Michelle s Dream Catcher

Michelle’s Dream Cather

Mending The Mother Weave

By Michelle Girouard (CCSS Collective Member)

I experienced an intensely painful spider bite near the last big moon – hot, red, swollen, aching and spiralling through my veins on my forearm. It was my second spider bite in a month, but a first time experiencing such a strong physical response. I felt vulnerable and afraid of what was unfolding as the swelling circle grew larger, with the heat and soreness intensifying, as the day wore on. I tried to journey into the bite, but felt scattered and full of static.

It took a week for this bite to heal, leaving a notable scar on my skin. It also took a week for me to be able to journey clearly into the spider medicine. As I finally did, the vision was clear: Create a large web as a gift in return to the spider.

I felt a strong call to build a dream catcher, using a special ball of deep purple, hand dyed and handspun wool that I was gifted when I lived on Salt Spring Island for a short time, 15 years ago. I worked on a small vegetable and fruit farm owned by a collective of weavers. My time in BC that year fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting the ancient rain forest on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and swimming naked in the warm sea.


Spider Woman by Susan Seddon Boulet

Spider Woman, by Susan Seddon Boulet

Weaving Song

By Martha Lucier (Founder & Collective Member)


We’re weaving, we’re weaving, peace and unity, peace and unity…peace and unity…
We’re weaving, we’re weaving, love and beauty….love and beauty….love and beauty…
We’re weaving, we’re weaving, sister and brotherhood…sister and brotherhood…sister and brotherhood
We’re weaving, we’re weaving, joy on the earth, joy on the earth, joy on the earth…

Capturing the Wisdom

Dream: I am looking out a window, noticing a line of car lights arriving. I hear rumbling and feel the earth beneath me shaking and realize it is the sound of a tree falling; the largest and oldest tree in the whole area on the edge of our property. I am concerned that the falling tree may hit some of the people or cars that are arriving. The rumbling, creaking and shaking seems to go on for a long time and my ears are deafened by the sound. Why is the tree falling? What medicine does it carry? What is being lost? What does it have to share?



Home Practice

Tending and mending our collective web occurs through many different pathways of love, care, and compassion…sharing kind words, holding a mother’s hand, creatively expressing ourselves, reaching out to another…

Take a moment to connect with your heart, your weaver within, and ask:
* What does mending and tending our collective web look like? Feel like? Smell like? Taste like? Sound like?
* What daily heart-to-heart interactions help you acknowledge and experience the beauty in yourself and others?
* How are you being called to mend and tend our collective web and what steps can you take to participate in the weaving?



Heart Wisdom

Heart Wisdom

Heart Wisdom of Shamanism Training

October 3-5, 2014

Want to change? Know that it is time to change?

CCSS weaves together the tools, experiences, and community support system that enable participants to change and grow.

Stepping on the pathway of gratitude, we honour the cycle of living and the wisdom we have gathered, as we surrender to change and flow forward with arrow focus.

“Thank you so much for the most profound spiritual experience I have had with a group. From a person who has been a spiritual loner, I feel relief and joy to know I am not alone in this realm.” ~ Suellen Evoy-Oozeer (Heart Foundation Member)


Heart Flame

Heart Flame

Heart Flame of Shamanism Training

January 16-18, 2015

In the dark and quiet night of winter we gather around the shaman’s flame to spark creativity, restoring the soul and emerging anew.

Connect with:
* Your helping spirits
* Power of Nature
* Gems of ancestral wisdom
* Your indigenous soul
* Teacher within


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Peace villages

Weaving Peace

Have you seen what is happening on Peace Villages?

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