Music at the Edge

We are always inspired when we get to introduce our guests to local musical artists and music inspired by our Algonquin Park home.

Whether performed at a campfire, on the Hive Stage, or at local Highlander Brew Co., local music entertains and informs our guests about the experience of living in Canada’s North.

An Unplugged Concert Evening

Meet Adam Ruzzo, an award-winning classical guitarist and singer/songwriter who has entertained guests with his original music celebrating the characters and character of the northern life alongside covers of epic Canadian northern musical fare.

The Details

Add-on a fantastic unplugged concert in Highlander House or at the Hive Stage.  Adam will play some of his own compositions inspired by the nature of Algonquin Park, as well as a good mix of folk & contemporary works.

Add-On Price:  $300

Tree Ring Records

We are also proud to present a 100-mile diet of musical entertainment by artists who share the local Tree Ring Records record label founded in 2013 by Sean Cotton.

Sean joins us regularly for concerts at the Highlander Brew Co in South River as part of a special evening available to Executive Teams and Ignite: Best Practice Missions.