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The Tom Thomson Experience

Where art meets nature . . .

Meet local artist Jill Boschulte.

Working out of her Studio 101 in Sundridge, Ontario, Jill uses a variety of mediums in an expressive, dynamic style. Her images are derived from observations and interpretations of weather phenomena, changing seasons and unique land forms. Words and phrases are occasionally incorporated, acting as warnings and double meanings.

Jill reflects on process and outcome; considers what might happen, puzzles over what did happen, and then grounds her ideas in the familiar landscape.

“I help guests capture their personal perspectives of the landscape, working like Thomson, with a great deal of spontaneity.  Capturing the magic of the moment and connecting with the landscape. There is an artist inside each of us, and I help that artist come out to play. Everyone has a creative spark, and if given the right fuel and encouragement, a fire will ignite.”

Jill Boschulte, Facilitator

Jill also happens to be our local expert on the lore, history, mystery, and culture of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven.

Tom Thomson (1877-1917), one of Canada’s most important and influential artists, created a distinct approach to portraying rugged Canadian landscapes, particularly in Algonquin Park. Thomson’s images are characterized by intense colour, bold brush strokes, and evocative moods.

Learn about Tom’s history, his connection to our very own Kawawaymog Lake, and the mysterious circumstances of his passing.


  • Paddle the lakes of Algonquin Park, viewing nature through the eyes of an artist.
  • An evening of storytelling & learning about the local culture.
  • An engaging art workshop with local artist Jill Boschulte, reminiscent of your local “Paint Night,” but engaging your own creativity on a deeper level.
Add-On Price:  $400

Summer of 2017

In commemoration of July 8th, the 100th anniversary of Tom Thomson’s death, we have decided to offer this art & nature connection workshop as a part of our 2017 Up North: Algonquin Explorer programs.

This summer, all Up North programs with 10 or more participants will enjoy the Tom Thomson Experience as a part of their retreat.