Building Shamanic Community

At the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies, we do our shamanic work as a circle: co-creating ceremony together with shared intention and acknowledging our individual dreams as “nuggets” of information for our circle.

One of the cornerstones of our intention has always been to build shamanic community.  Participants in our programs are invited to join Peace Villages, our online home for sharing, as well as participate in conference calls with fellow retreat participants both before and after each retreat.

Everybody who has joined the CCSS for any program becomes a member of our Collective Circle; and we host regular conference calls and other events that all circle members are welcome to attend.


Peace Villages is an online home we have created to bridge peaceful communities, Shamanic practitioners, and our Shamanism Retreat participants for sharing resources, stories, journeys, inspirations, and more.

Peace Villages is a wonderful social networking website to connect with shamans, peacemakers, and more from all over the world.

To sign up, and join a Peace Village (such as our Heart Foundations Peace Village,) head over to

Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies in your Community

Are you involved in a group or community that wants to explore Shamanism, Peacemaking skills and tools, Medicine for the Earth, or the Way of the Circle?

The Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies offers shamanic learning experiences in communities across Ontario, throughout Canada, and across the world. No previous experience is necessary.

What’s needed to bring CCSS to your Community?
Program Fees:
CCSS services provided:
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CCSS programs are customized to meet the needs of your community.