Local Living

Tasting the Northern Life means getting in touch with our local culture and learning about the natural and human history of our region.

More than that, it means connecting with the people who live and work in this region at the Edge of Algonquin Park.  Whether it’s meeting a local singer-songwriter, sharing a therapeutic treatment or yoga session with our neighborhood friends, tasting food grown by a local farmer or beer brewed by a local company, traveling into Algonquin Park with folks who call this area home, or sitting around the campfire to connect with the people and stories from the past and present; visitors to the Edge can’t help but taste the northern life through local connections and meeting and sharing with folks who call this place home.

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Our Local Flavour

We value the opportunity to give back to our land and our communities, and being able to hear the stories of where our spaces, meals, and resources come from. That is why every experience at the Edge offers guests a taste of place by highlighting food and drink that is produced in the neighborhood.

Northern Edge Algonquin is proud to source from the following local partners:

  • Highlander Brew Co. – Local South River brewery that serves up delicious brews and is our Highlander House partner.
  • Swift Canoe & Kayak – Local South River company that creates & repairs our canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards.
  • Bear Chair Co. – Local South River company that manufactures the waterfront “bear chairs” and other outdoor furniture at the Edge.
  • Algonquin Tea Co. – Algonquin Park company that sources local plants to create a wonderful tea collection.
  • Natural Goddess – Jane Large of North Bay has created chemical-free specialty soap for the Edge using essences of the trees we have on site.  (Try it out in our showers!)
  • Delpha Wake – Huntsville seamstress who has created our yoga bolsters & eye pillows.
  • Alternative Grounds – Toronto fair trade coffee company that creates a special “Algonquin Blend” for us.
  • Viewpointe Estates Winery – Essex County winery run by Edge co-founder Martha Lucier’s brothers.
  • A number of local farms also provide ingredients for delicious meals, including Board’s Honey Farm/Northern Nectars, Stonemote Cottage, Deer Lake Lodge, Poshaven Farms, Pink Moon Garlic, Thornloe Cheese Factory, Springhill Farms, Ron & Meredith McLaren, Myco-op Shiitaki, & Wild Muskoka Botanicals.

We also provide a lot of our own local flavour:  When our guests taste maple syrup in their food, there is a good chance it was boiled down right here at the Edge.  Fresh herbs and vegetables are grown on-site, Gregor designs and builds our spaces, and we even have our own bee hives!