Circle Stories From The Heart

A collection of stories, reflections, home practices, and more from circle members and facilitators of the Way of the Circle Centre.

New Way Dreaming: Connecting Rainbow Bridges

April 13, 2020

by Jan Beaver, Circle Member Foreword by Martha Lucier: As many around the world celebrate Easter and the renewal of life, the foundation of the

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Nourishing The Light Within And Around Us

March 14, 2020

by Hope Ogutu, Circle Member  ~ photo by Devon Peavoy @thiswildair I was in the forest singing an elemental song when I received the call

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Becoming The Beauty Of All That You Are

February 6, 2020

by Courtney Sinclair, Circle Member  ~ photo by Courtney Sinclair On the verge of a new decade, a message from a wise and ancient dragon

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We are Everywhere

January 16, 2020

by Sandra Atkinson, Circle Member  ~ The Rainbow Serpent Recently I have been recalling my trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock), a massive sandstone monolith in

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December 19, 2019

By Gwenith Kikkawa, Circle Member Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a serpent or dragon circling to eat its own tail.  This symbol has

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The Flame of Hope & Truth

December 19, 2019

It was December 2012, I was preparing for sacred travel and decided to pay a visit to the Oracle. “Do you have another question ?“

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The Call of the Wolf: Evolving on the Spiral Path

December 14, 2019

by Martha Lucier, Founder & Circle Member We were recently visited by a wolf at the Edge, discovering tracks next to the unity wheel, around

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My Cedar Family

October 25, 2019

~ Marjorie Ursula Emma Beaver (Cedar Woman) & Deanna Fry (Blue Cedar Woman) I have loved trees and being in the forest for as long as

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The Middle Place of Unity

September 20, 2019

One of my Muses,  David Whyte, seems deeply fascinated and attuned to life and our relationship to everything as journeys of endless  arrivals and departures…

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Back To The Drum

July 24, 2019

This summer, I had the privilege of taking a long drive across our expansive, beautiful country with my beloved dog. I brought my large cowhide

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