How do I know if I am yearning for unity?

When we gather in circle, we step on the path of unity. We ask ourselves and each other to go deeper through our own layers, expanding continually into our growing wholeness.

Our whole being, made up of heart, mind, body and soul, yearns for unity. This yearning can be expressed through different feelings and experiences.

The following is a list of common feelings and experiences that can show up for us as messengers, inviting us to explore the layers more deeply, so that we may come home to our whole selves.

Are you feeling or experiencing. . .


What is it like to be accepted and celebrated as who you are?  To know that expressing your truth is coming home to your own belonging?

Martha Lucier shares about coming home to the circle in which we all belong in Song: Coming Home.

Highly Sensitive:

What is it like to hold compassionate space for yourself and others as you walk each other home on your individual paths of healing? What would it be like to be a flawless vessel, empowering and reflecting the light potential in all?

In the Way of the Circle one year training program in 2011-2012, one of the evolutions of the circle understanding was that the ‘Wounded Healer’ archetype was no longer a viable, sustainable way of being in service. The time of the Wounded Healer story is now over. We asked ourselves, what would it be like to be accountable for our own healing, our own impact on the world, and our own deep listening to the rooted network of Intuition?

Karin Watling shares about walking the stepping stones with the flow of the river in Pilgrims on the Pathways of Learning.


When you are feeling stuck and confused, what would it be like to spring clean and sort through your inherited reactions, behaviours and emotions that may not even be your own? What would it be like to free yourself from imposed core beliefs such as shame or scarcity?

Imagine, what does plenty truly mean?

What is it like to choicefully fill your reclaimed space with joy and purpose?

Karin Watling shares with us about Choosing Unity over Solidarity.

Burnt Out:

What is it like putting your needs first, from a place of understanding that when we do this – when we allow ourselves to receive and to refill our inner well – we nourish others? What is it like to notice that we are in service to others by shining our light, by being in our fullest potential; by meeting others from our own place of wholeness?

Maria Kornacki shares about rewriting old stories in The Gift of Receiving.


Imagine being in your heart. What does being held in the interconnectedness to all things and the remembering that you are never alone feel like, sound like, look like, taste and smell like?

Gwenith Kikkawa shares about opening to The Love of Thousands.


Imagine strengthening your faith in the universal guidance, helping you step out of fear and scarcity into love and abundance. What is it like to be empowered as you flow through the death and rebirth of change?

Hedy Minten shares about looking fear in the face in Trust, Flow, Love, Be.


Entering your heart space, what is it like to acknowledge the tenderness of what you are feeling? What is it like to know that vulnerability is strength? What is it like to build trust with your heart, guiding you through the unknown?

Sheri Clark shares how music guides her in Let It Be: Soundtrack of the Heart.


Connecting with your creative spark, what would it be like to express your feelings in a safe space, reigniting the play, joy and curiosity of your innocence within?

Jocelynne Robinson shares about freeing herself to sparkle and fly in What the Wisdom of an Ancient Rock Revealed to Me.


What is it like to allow the healing waters to safely release and transform the fire of withheld emotions, emptying yourself to become a clear vessel where you can hear the voice of your heart?

Kevin Alexander shares about befriending his dragon in Making Peace.


What would it be like to deeply nourish within, forgiving and reclaiming your power and hearts ability to respond to all events and circumstances?

Michelle Girouard shares in the medicine of homecoming in Tree of Life: Cedar Song.

Struggling with Addictive or Unhealthy Behaviour:

What would it be like to nurture the innocence within, healing the memories in your heart, freeing yourself to live in the magic of the present moment?

Katie Lucier shares how she has fun in The Magic Eagle Song.

Looking for Meaning or the Bird’s Eye View:

Imagine allowing your higher self to open your vision to a greater perspective and purpose of the events in your life, guiding you through the rewriting of your stories from a space of unconditional love and compassion?

Karin Watling shares her comfort in the bigger picture in Walking Each Other Home.


What would it be like to walk through the gateway of your heart, connecting with your soul purpose, remembering your innate state of wholeness that was always there within?

Martha Lucier shares about being curious of our true nature in Raven’s Rainbow Wings.


Imagine unplugging from the overwhelm of distractions that come with living in a fast paced cultural mindset focussed on the outer action of doing. What would it be like to go deep within the inner-action of being, self care, solitude, dreaming and the cultivation of peace?

Gwenith Kikkawa shares her self discovery in Seeking The Change.

Disbelief in my own Empowerment and Role in Co-Creation with Spirit:

What would it be like to crack open the door of hope? What would it be like to revisit or invent a vignette of innocence to play with the infinite possibilities of Creation? Imagine, remembering a place of belonging you have arrived from?

Maria Kornacki shares about twinning up with the innocence in your own essence in A Hoppy-Go-Lucky Story.


Imagine, embodying forgiveness with yourself and with others for allowing trauma to falsely define who you are as a person. What is it like to open to the bigger picture understanding of your purpose and service when you shine your light, sing in your own voice, and speak from the truth in your heart?

Martha Lucier shares about finding her voice in Healing Shame through the Power of the Heart Song.


What would it be like to awaken your hearts consciousness, developing a dialogue with your intuition? What does trusting heart-lead-action feel like, sound like, taste like, smell like, look like?

Jan Beaver shares about living in balance with Creation in Living in Harmony with Sacred Law: Part 1


Listening to your heart, what would it be like to receive a Story of Creation that comes from within? What is it like to celebrate the mysteries and unknown of life?

Jan Beaver shares about living in balance with Creation in Living in Harmony with Sacred Law: Part 2.


What would it be like to connect with your heart’s calling, learning how to listen to the still voice inside that is offering direction as your guiding compass?

Jennifer Casement Buttineau shares about her healing of grief in The Power of the Path.

Yearning for Change:

What would it be like to invite your heart to respond to the greatest needs you perceive? What would it be like allow the transformations within you to ripple out, creating change in the world around you?

Martha Lucier shares how our heart unlocks our greatest collective ability to act and respond during times of uncertainty and adversity in The Golden Thread: Heart of Alchemy.