Placing our hands on your hearts, we are invited to take three deep breaths, as we connect with our sacred Earth.

Our deepest love and gratitude for all living beings who share the Earth with us, and the understanding that the human family is part of this beautiful family.

We offer gratitude for the land of our ancestors, the land where we were born and the land where we are living now, for providing us with a place of belonging.

We acknowledge the land where Northern Edge Algonquin Centre is located, the territory of the Chippewa and Mississaugas of the Williams Treaty area.

We give thanks to this land for providing a foundation for all of life to be nourished and nurtured, guiding us home to the circle to which we all belong.

We offer gratitude to all of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, North America, who have inhabited and been stewards of this land and caretakers of its wisdom. Thank you for continuing to keep this wisdom sacred, for the wellbeing of the earth and all of life.

We acknowledge all Indigenous peoples of the Earth for modelling how to live in a healthy, balanced, sustainable ways that safeguard all of our children’s future.

We give thanks to the elements and all living beings for supporting and sustaining our lives.

Loving gratitude to the Earth for helping us understand our connection to ourselves and to nature, providing all of the elements of a good life: love, food, water, air, shelter, warmth, and belonging.

We offer thanks and love to our ancestors who connect us with ancient wisdom, through our body, our bones, and our blood, offering us guidance on our life paths.

Gratitude to all of our unseen networks of support that help us understand that we are all One, and that the path of our evolution is truth, illuminated by love.