Last Minute Spots Are Available For Our Summer Heart Foundations Retreat (August 21 – 23) In North Muskoka

What would it be like to come home to your heart, remembering how to live purposefully by guidance of your inner wisdom, nourishing and growing the passions that gift you great fulfillment? The Heart Blossom retreat is your opportunity to explore these questions in a safe, loving environment.

The Heart Foundations series offers one program each season, open to participants of all experience levels. Each retreat has a guiding theme that explores different aspects of building a strong and sustainable foundation of heart-centered living.

Each retreat experience is co-created by the participants through a process we call the Way of the Circle. Participants tap into their intuition, unique gifts, soul yearnings, day and nighttime dreams, innate wisdom, and helping spirits to co-create living ceremony, going deeper into rediscovering their greatest leader, teacher and healer within. This allows us each to receive a magical learning experience that meets our individual needs while being of service to the greater circle. Through the heart’s gateway within, we are able to respond with our innate gifts and abilities, fulfilling the greatest needs we perceive in the world.

No matter who we are, or where we each are on our journey in life, the heart is our meeting place . . .

Universal Teachings

Our circle community is comprised of a beautifully diverse group of heart-centered individuals from a variety of cultural and spiritual backgrounds. During a program participants may feel called to share a personal tradition or practice with the group. We welcome the universal learnings that come through our diverse circle culture: nourishing love, peace and unity, and connecting to nature.

What will I experience?

Curious about what to expect?  Read The Unexpected: What to expect at a circle gathering at Northern Edge Algonquin

“The Heart Foundations are vehicles for change. Within the safe and supportive structure of the Way of the Circle, we realize our inter-connectedness, traveling deep within to retrieve the gifts we came into this world to share. Being seen, feeling heard, inspiring each other, and honoring one another’s values, we heal the root cause of isolation and scarcity. Coming together we undergo a joyous alchemical process, transmuting the dream of fear, divisiveness and disharmony into the dream of Love, Unity, and Peace. Our survival as a human species depends on us remembering ancient wisdom, and our connection to the Spirit that lives in all things.”

Martha Lucier, Co-Founder

Self Investment:

All-inclusive: Heart Foundations participation, all meals from arrival day dinner to departure day lunch, comfortable forest cabin accommodation, program materials, mentoring, and administration are all included, from $658/person.


  • Heart Foundations Investment: $200/person
  • Meals & Accommodations: from $229/person/night (2 nights)
  • Our subscription plan allows participants to attend all four seasonal gatherings with a discount and simplified monthly payments.

Learn about scholarships & financial assistance here.

Upcoming Retreat Dates:

Heart Blossom

August 21 – 23, 2020 (Last Minute Spots Available!)

Playing outside and daydreaming in nature, honor your ability to create in this time of abundance.

Heart Wood

October 16 – 18, 2020

Harvesting the wisdom from the wind and trees, root deep into the earth and restore your soul.

Heart Flame

February 5 – 7, 2021

Come home to the Fire Within, gathering under the stars in the stillness of winter to re-ignite your passions.

Heart Flow

May 7 – 9, 2021

Flowing with renewed life, embrace your child-like innocence as you nurture and grow the seeds of new dreams.

How does COVID-19 effect Heart Blossom?

We are implementing many different things to help keep guests safe, including a mandatory 72 hour window between each group which steps on the grounds of Northern Edge.

In addition to putting many new new policies and procedures in place, we have even invested in new spaces to better allow for social distancing in some of the indoor areas frequently used for social gatherings which will help accommodate traffic flow.

Creating alternative dining arrangements and experiences, assigning personal equipment for the duration of a retreat, and exploring creative ways to allow for social distancing when entering and exiting spaces are among several pieces of the puzzle which we have considered and will likely be putting into practice upon your arrival.

We will miss the handshakes and hugs for the time being, but we can’t wait to see everyone’s shining faces again.

Some words from past attendees: