Learn & Live along the Spiral Path of Learning

At our Centre, we activate the potential of our abilities through the vessel of the Way of the Circle. Together, we co-create living ceremony with shared inspiration, acknowledging our individual dreams as “nuggets” of information for our greater whole.

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What if it was possible to co-create a new dream for humanity and Mother Earth, engaging the most powerful tool we have? What would it be like to give ourselves permission to experience our unlimited potential, for a greater purpose, inviting our imagination to take us where we have never gone before?

These questions are intended to stir the cauldron of the heart, so you may answer the call to join us:

  1. Called:  Are you called to this circle? Is there a deep interest to be of service in the collective “we”, contributing to the growth and evolution of both ourselves and the greater whole?
  2. Committed: Are you willing to commit to embodying and seeing the potential in yourself and others? Are you honouring your answer to the call?
  3. Capable: Are you willing to recognize everyone’s innate abiliites, tools, and skills?
  4. Clear:  Are you willing to be in your heart, led by your intuition, open to the possibilities of change?
  5. Confident: Are you willing to share your unique contributions? Are you willing to trust yourself and others to offer what is needed to achieve the greatest potential for all?
  6. Courageous: Are you willing to act from a place of love, focusing on the dream we desire to co-create?
  7. Calm: Are you willing to respect and hold a safe space for all, amidst ebb and flow of energies and emotions?  
  8. Compassionate:   Are you willing to connect through the heart, with sympathy, accepting and caring for all?
  9. Conscious: Are you willing to live in awareness and responsibility of how your thoughts, words, and actions affect others and the world around you?

There is a space in the circle reserved for you, when you are ready….

Spiral Path of Learning:

All Way of the Circle Centre experiences are connected along our Spiral Path of Learning. The Spiral Path of Learning is a continuum of ever-deepening wisdom and exploration as we gather tools that nourish us in balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

As we move through the different levels of the spiral we expand our use of these tools growing confidence and empowering each other in a community of peacemakers and agents of change. This path connects all circle levels of learning that move through all directions and seasons simultaneously.

The spiral reminds us that there are many ‘doorways’ in which people can enter this path of practice, offering a learning path that is aligned with the needs and greatest growth for each individual who enters it.

Wings of Light:

The Wings of Light is our collective circle comprised of members initiated by the Way of the Circle through the Heart Foundations.

Our commitment: In gratitude, we soar as the Wings of Light. We choose the Way of the Circle as our way of living, that honours the wisdom within All. We share the multi-dimensional ways of the circle, committing to the light, expanding our limitless potential as we flow together in the Spiral of Life. We surrender our fears, and illuminate our shadows, embodying our Sacred Truths, aligning with the Universal Laws. Connecting in the one circle to which we all belong, we co-create the world we dream it to be.