Home Practice of Connection

with Annie Bray


I’d like to invite you to gift yourself with 2 minutes of quiet connection. If you can, find a quiet, comfortable space to sit. Maybe use a cushion to support your hips so that sitting feels more relaxed, or a chair if that works better. You can follow the audio recording or read the guided practice below. Enjoy.

Close your eyes and take a few breaths, letting the inhale and exhale come and go as they are, simply paying gentle attention, no changes required. If the breath feels shallow, let it be shallow. If it feels tight, let it be tight. Continue breathing with this chosen attitude of acceptance, even if it feels unusual to just let something be. If it feels hard to allow the breath to move naturally without trying to improve it, notice this sense of resistance and allow it to be part of the experience.

Gradually begin to let your awareness open outwards from your breath, noticing the sensations that are transiently moving through your body. Some of them might be pleasant and some of them might be uncomfortable. As you did with your breath, approach these sensations without the need to change them. If the desire to change them arises, and it might, allow that desire to be part of your experience.

Begin to open to the space around you… The smells and sounds… Allow your eyes to softly open and receive the light and colour that meet them. Allow what you perceive inside and outside you to connect, as the inhale brings the surroundings in and the exhale releases your inner world to the space around you.

Take another easy and familiar breath and feel yourself here, right now, at the center of your own life.



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