Dancing with the Star in the Heart of the Tree

By Nancy Yule, CCSS Circle Member

“We’re going on an adventure…” were the words I sang with childish delight on the conference call before our journey began in August.

I had never been on a canoe trip, let alone camping before, and everyone of our Algonquin Journey: Reconnecting with the Songlines of Nature one year program could sense the adventure of a lifetime was about to occur.

Our starting point, was a gorgeous morning with a white mist dancing on the Lake and water as still as glass. We packed canoes, honoured connections, smiled for the camera and away we went. Zigzagging through marsh, we stopped at our first portage. I remarked to two women in a canoe, “You look so happy” and as we crossed a larger lake, a young man approaching in the opposite direction of our five canoe lineup commented that “we were a Force”. Spirit sensing adventures that were yet to happen for us.

We found our perfect destination, made camp, lit fires, and settled in. Over the course of the following days, we created Circle, wove cedar into infinity, listened to the sound of rain drops on tarps, chopped veggies on the underside of a canoe, laughed until we cried in tents, watched the flames of creation form oneness, walked through the veils to Avalon, slipped on mossy rocks, honoured the Water Spirit in all forms,greeted wooden turtles, witnessed dragons coming out to play, gazed at dancing stars in the heart of a tree, imagined genitals in crystal form, balanced on yoga baby legs, buried dream geodes, unearthed magical messages, appeased Fairies, and honoured the Land. All whist thinking “How will it get any better than this?”.

With smiling faces, we paddled our way home with stars above, stars below and stars in our eyes.

Weaving the sacred soul threads from our Algonquin Journey post-canoe trip conference call:

Dancing with the Star in the Heart of the Tree Surrendering to that Deep Place Within Dropping
Down to the Flowing Waters of Creation and Sound Allowing our Connections…the beauty of connection To ripple out….

Surrendering to Gratitude
Honouring the Glow of Oneness Surrendering to Humility
Honouring the Light that Guides us Home to Dreamtime
Surrendering to the Wind that takes our sails Honouring a Love, that is beyond
what Love is
Surrendering to our Joyful, Hearts Smiling Honouring the Child Within
the Magic Maker
Surrendering to Rebirth
Honouring Speaking our Truth
the Change Within
Surrendering to Spirit
Honouring How will it get any better than this? Surrendering to Baby Legs
Honouring, BE present
Surrendering to Peace-Filled
Honouring the Trust of Surrendering
to the Flow of Spirit
Surrendering to Grateful
Increasing Joy
Honouring Enlightenment
between Joy and Tears
Surrendering to Gentle, Loving Kindness Honouring Love in Action
to the Beauty of the Water Spirit
Surrendering to Excited-ness
Honouring Guidance
and returning to Divine Self

We are the Dreamers. Dreaming the New World.


Finding Joy During Times of Adversity: Home Practice

On our circle’s Algonquin Park canoe trip journey home, we paddled through rough waters that splashed and swirled around us. We watched as others going in the opposite direction were travelling with ease as they sailed past. Spirit can challenge us on our soul’s journey, to encourage us to expand and evolve.

What would it be like to surrender to challenge, honouring the Heart within? How would you be the Fire in the Flood?

Remember a time when waves of concern crashed around you. Imagine a flame in your heart centre that glows and glows within. What nourishes that flame within? How expansive can that fire become?

Allow the Child Within to play and create a beautiful journey in a poem, a drawing, a song, or a dance of you celebrating joy during a time of adversity.

Your comments.

  1. Deanna Fry says:

    Thank you Nancy, for this account of your beautiful Algonquin Journey and for the amazing You Tube video I just watched. An incredible piece and I so enjoyed hearing your voice!