Canvas Cabins

Sleep in the fresh forest air, and rise with the birds as the morning sun lights up your glamping style tent cabin naturally.

These wood & canvas tent cabins are clean, dry, and nestled on a hillside surrounded by the lush greenery of our Ontario Retreat Centre at the edge of Algonquin Park.

Ladybug Lounge, Loon Echo and Lily’s Pad boast comfortable feather duvets and colourful linen sheets on double beds.  Our original honeymoon suite, Moonbeam, and it’s twin Firefly are a bit cozier, though still featuring double beds, and are best for just one person.

Some call it glamping or glamorous camping and for most, it’s the best of both worlds. The best outhouse in Canada is just steps away featuring a tiled floor and composting toilet, and flush toilets and showers are located in Points North, just a one minute walk away.

These seasonal unheated accommodations are available May through September.


  • Glamping-style accommodations bring you closer to nature
  • Comfortable feather duvets & colourful linen sheets
  • Bathrooms & showers located close by
  • Double beds make this a perfect cabin for solo travellers or couples.

Canvas Cabin Pricing

All-inclusive pricing includes accommodations, meals, and more!  Retreat program fees are additional.

  • Couples:  from $555/person (2 nights), $809/person (3 nights)
    Share Ladybug Lounge, Loon Echo, or Lily’s Pad with your partner in a double bed.
  • Solo:  from $616/person (2 nights), $899/person (3 nights)
    For one person, enjoy a cozy stay in Moonbeam or Firefly.

What is “Glamping”?

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a new term that describes staying in a tent-style accommodation, in a comfortable bed rather than sleeping on the ground.

While many people love to get closer to nature, staying in a sleeping bag on the ground is not always the most comfortable for everybody, which is why our canvas cabins come equipped with feather duvets, comfortable beds, and solar-powered lighting.

The canvas walls of these retrofitted “prospector tents” let the sunshine naturally brighten your space in the morning, and let in the sounds of nature such as birds chirping and the wind gently rustling the leaves of the forest.

Our Up North: Algonquin Explorer retreat was designed for the adventurous soul who would like to experience canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and more – all while staying comfortable in a bed: glamping, rather than camping.