Studio Cabins

Luxurious Algonquin Park Accommodations are available year-round.

These bright new Studio Cabins feature spacious rooms with lofted ceiling. Rooms feature a small en-suite bathroom with composting toilet and running water. Tranquility, Balance, Harmony, and Dreamtime are our premium accommodation options.

Each equipped with a double bed and single bed these cabins are ideal for couples and/or friends. These cabins are heated year round and used for our winter and summer retreat guests.

Upgrade from standard accommodation to a Studio Cabin for just an additional $80/night on top of our all-inclusive rate.


  • Comfortable feather duvets and colourful linen sheets
  • En-suite bathroom featuring a composting toilet & running water
  • Showers located just a short walk to Points North
  • A double bed and a single bed allow for couples and small families
  • Year-round comfortable accommodation
  • Upgrade for just an additional $80/night

For groups of 3 – 6 looking for a shared Specialty Accommodation experience, consider theĀ Bear’s Den Studio Suite, or Highlander House Log Cabin.