Lucy Emmott

Edge Host & Facilitator

Lucy is a child of the woods who joyfully invites others into her experience of peaceful acceptance and excited curiosity with the natural world nearby.

Lucy has a passion for nature, and a gift for creating excitement in the little things that we don’t usually come to notice. In just 5 metres of exploring a forest with Lucy, our guests can see and experience a really deep level of connection with the world around them.

A local champion for living sustainably, Lucy has her eyes out for how we can make any experience at the Edge even better than the last. She’s a brilliant host & facilitator, and you may very well see her helping out in the kitchen from time to time.

We feel so lucky to have Lucy join our retreats!

Upcoming programs at the Edge that Lucy is supporting:

SUPtember Paddling Retreat, September 2-5, 2022

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